1958 Austin Gipsy 4x4 Truck

1958 Austin Gipsy 4x4 Truck for Sale

4WD for Sale, 1958 Austin Gipsy 4x4 Truck

Found this unique British 4x4 truck offered for sale in Bozeman, Montana for $5500. As shown here 1958 Austin Gipsy 4x4 Truck former British military vehicle, is hard to find today, especially in its condition. A rare all-terrain vehicle in the US, and could be a great example of the model that were offered in the market today. Not perfect needs some work, but it has a lot of potential to be restored, the body has a good shape and is very solid. If you're interested, please read more details below.

The engine is good, also the manual transmission and the odometer show 10194 miles but that was rolled over may just once. Not road-worthy and needs a tow if you want to bring it home. The Austin was listed on Craigslist a day ago and still online when we posted it here, if you're interested, closer inspection is a must.