1951 BTR-40 Military Vehicle

1951 BTR-40 Military Vehicle for Sale

4WD for Sale, 1951 BTR-40 Military Vehicle

Found this unique Military Vehicle made by Soviet Union manufacturer GAZ being offered for sale by the owner on craigslist located in Issaquah, Washington. As shown here 1951 BTR-40 "Sorokovka" military command vehicle, could be a great collectible item for military vehicle enthusiasts, which runs and drives very well. Interested please read more details below.

1972 GAZ 69 4x4 for Sale

4WD for Sale, 1972 GAZ 69 4x4

This is a 1972 GAZ-69 a four-wheel drive light truck for sale in Downtown Vancouver. A modified 1972 Russian Jeep converted to a pick-up. It one of a kind vehicle, recently painted and modified. Many spare parts are included. You've got to see this to appreciate it. Licensed in Washington as a Collector Vehicle. 2/4 wheel drive with compound low available. This is not a fast vehicle, but it will "climb a tree". 70 HP 4-cylinder Volga engine, 5-speed manual trans. Runs well. It's an eye-catcher!!!