2017 MINI Countryman JCW More Fast And Aggressive

2017 MINI Countryman More Fast And Aggressive

2017 MINI Countryman JCW more fast and aggressive

Here's the fastest and most aggressive version of the Mini Countryman come with the John Cooper Works (JCW) emblem pinned on the body, looks promising a lot of fun to drive.

As shown here is 2017 MINI Countryman JCW are fitted with a 228hp 2.0L turbocharged engine and power deliver equally to all four wheels, reportedly only 6.5 seconds to getting to 62mph from 0. It will offered with the standard six-speed manual or the eight-speed automatic transmission as options.

For 2017 models reportedly get some upgraded and improved capability to accommodate its purpose as the sport car. It has new chassis with sports suspension, comes with Brembo brakes and 18-inch alloys as standard. And the good things is that the ALL4 all-wheel drive system can drive torque to the rear axle only when necessary, with the system’s ECU linked directly to the vehicle’s stability control for a fast and precise response at all times.

The interior was touched by many updates and upgraded, it more sporty with JCW seats along with a new steering wheel, gear lever and a roof liner finished in anthracite for a “racing car feel”. Customers can also opt for Mini’s 8.8-inch Navigation XL infotainment system which now comes with a touch-screen display.

2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition Available Soon

2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition Will Available Soon

2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition will available soon in the in the U.S. markets

Here's very cool the Japanese AWD high performance car was coming from limited production line of the Nissan Motor Company.

As you've seen here is the latest GT-R Track Edition, reportedly it will available soon at late summer in the U.S. The car will shown for the first time at the 2017 New York Auto Show held Apr 14 - Apr 23, 2017, if you are curious, you should coming there.

The limited Track Edition is the third model in the Nissan GT-R range, occupying the space between the GT-R Premium and the GT-R Nismo were are both already existing, and seems the factory locates the new Nissan GT-R Track Edition as the most privileges of those three. If you are interested to buy the Track Edition, you have to prepare a budget of around $127,990 upwards and by order only at GT-R certified dealers nationwide.

2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition short profile:
It has a lot more breath and energy than the standard GT-R, thanks to various elements from the hardcore Nismo was embedded into it. Fitted by a 565hp V6 twin-turbo engine with new additional adhesive bonding of the body to increase its rigidity and the lighter suspension that was tuned by Nismo to improve its handling, as well as the wheels are now 20-inch forged items and the rear spoiler is made out of carbon-fiber.

All looks greats inside, the interior was nice in red and black with a set of Recaros, the material are use also looks classy and sporty, including fierce sound produced by a titanium exhaust is also standard.

Ketchup by Michael Bunce, VP Product Planning of Nissan North America
“The new GT-R Track Edition gives buyers a specialized model, one true to GT-R heritage and available only by special order,”. “Building on the major upgrade to every GT-R for 2017, the Track Edition is an amazing package inside, outside and under the skin.”

2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition pictures

Bentley Continental GT Off-Road Ready

Bentley Continental GT Off-Road Ready

Bentley Continental GT Off-Road Ready

What you see is what you'll never do to with your Bentley (even in imagine)

As you have seen here is like a merchandise of the Mad Max movie, or same like a vehicle style after nuclear war. It's not only more stylist with comfortable goes to offroad playground, it will a lot better than Wrangler or Evoque, is that right?

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Found this one was posted on the Battlecars Reddit thread, it is very easy to be identified come with wide wheel arches, hatch-mounted fuel canisters and spare wheel pretty much say everything you need to know, regarding its purpose.

Doesn't matter it's a replica or not, that's was ready one great reference of the Bentley custom build. And will see who was crazy enough to custom their Bentley to be ready for offroad use.

Bentley Continental GT off-road custom build pictures

Toyota Hilux Tonka Off-Road Toy Just For Men

Toyota Hilux Tonka Off-Road Toy Just For Men

Toyota Hilux Tonka Off-Road Toy Just For Men

Australian made this toy, just for men based on 2017 Toyota Hilux crew cab truck were called as the Hilux Tonka Concept. As shown here is one the outcome of the collaboration between Toyota's Australian arm and Tonka.

Toyota Hilux crew cab truck is very popular for the Australian user, it is taken as a good background for Toyota markets. Come in a black and yellow color with a lot of feature to rise its capability especially for off-road use also make it special than Toyota Hilux standard. Also the material and parts are selected and use is greats, carbon fiber in bonnet and tailgate, more aggressive shape at the front and rear bumpers including rear spoiler.

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Highly modified and upgrade, it has about 150 mm extra ground clearance with heavy-duty suspension to increase capability, are fitted a 6 mm plate to protects vital components from the bottom also tubular side rails and roll bar to protect the body and chassis including the rider. For the assertion as a real ultimate off-road adventurer vehicle he wearing 35-inch tires and off-road LED light bar on the roof as well as a snorkel as standard equipment.

Unclear yet about the machinery side, certainly it will bring a 2.8-liter engine same as the regular Hilux has, with improved the horsepower of course. Reportedly, can work in conjunction with either a manual or an automatic gearbox.

Interested.... unfortunately is not for sale Toyota has no plans to bring into production line, as it will only be displayed at 4WD shows. But it looks perfect as reference, to build your toy.

Toyota Hilux Tonka Pictures

New Japanese Crossovers 2018 Was Revealed

Here's you will know the competitive landscape of the Japanese automaker set up a bullet to fight in the global markets, especially for small Crossover segment for the next year 2018.

Not too big and not too small, the size is perfect for stylish or family, fast on the road with extra capabilities for mild off-road use make Crossover so desirable. It should be on your shopping list for next year, please prepare your budget.

Due the Crossover demand in worldwide markets and it's always high, tends to increase in recent years (year by year), so we bring here the warmth they have started and you will know how looks like.

New Japanese Crossovers 2018 was revealed

Let's see featured Crossover models for 2018 are derived from Japan's top brands:

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018

Toyota RAV4 Adventure 2018 Will Available Soon

Toyota RAV4 Adventure Crossover 2018

Toyota RAV4 Adventure 2018 Will Available At Showrooms Soon

Like they call it's more adventurous, Toyota try to catch the attention of active young families with this Crossover. All-new Toyota RAV4 Adventure will be available on two options drivetrain, front-wheel drive with an Automatic Limited-Slip Differential, or with Dynamic Torque Control all-wheel-drive.

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Both fitted a 176-hp 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with has upgraded radiator, an engine oil cooler, and a transmission cooler to make rise towing capacity up to 3500 pounds especially with all-wheel drive option. Reportedly needs 8.3 seconds to 60 mph.

The 2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure sits squarely in the center of the small crossover utility vehicle segment, with offering toughness than others competitor.

Many technology was installed to accommodate all the excess, Trailer Sway Control (TSC), Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC), and TSS-P comes as standard equipment.

The 2018 RAV4 Adventure will sold at showrooms soon in September on this year.

Toyota RAV4 Adventure Pictures

Wrangler Rubicon Mopar One Package

Wrangler Rubicon Mopar One Package

Wrangler Rubicon Mopar One Package

This newly awesome JEEP are offering between tough off-road with high performance packaged together in one pack. Yes we talk about new Wrangler Rubicon Mopar One was shown at the Geneva motor a few days ago.

Look cool in chief blue color with a lot off-road accessories affirm as he should be, but it's has a something special behind hood, he come with a 200Hp 2.8 L Mopar engine backed by a five-speed automatic transmission.

Designed for those offroad enthusiast, especially who want to reach quickly at offroad playground. Beside increases its performance and retains off-road capability, the Wrangler Rubicon Mopar One are made exclusively, all accessories made special with limited badge.

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Upgrades include a slew of features to tackling any terrain, has 2-inch lift kit for added clearance, make more stable at steering, fitted cool 17" Performance Gladiator black painted rim wheels with large Hankook Dynapro tires, including molded splash guards front and rear, black fuel filler cap.

Also specific exterior customization was added, a black windshield mounted light bar with halogen lights, black front grille and tubular side steps, very cool hood with a ventilation, and much more to make easily recognized.

The JEEP Wrangler Rubicon Mopar One pack will available as 2-door and 4-door models, officially will be sold on this month at Jeep dealerships in Europe.

Wrangler Rubicon Mopar One Package Pictures

New Wrangler Rubicon Recon For Off-Road Guys

New Wrangler Rubicon Recon For Off-Road Guys

New Wrangler Rubicon Recon For Off-Road Guys

When your all-wheel drive vehicles aren’t enough and your 4x4 toys no more nice in the eyes

Here's a good news for you, a new off-road JEEP are offering toughness and durability as a main focus and ready to hardcore use, as far as you have heart to abuse him. Yes this is about new Wrangler Rubicon Recon is Jeep’s latest offering to those looking for one of the best off-roaders in the business.

Although at the same base, The Recon is really tougher than regular Wrangler or all other types. Are designed for highly off-road capability as a main focus, it aims pass perfectly at all the challenges both steep terrain or slippery, either uphill or downhill except rock crawler course, but it very potential as a base, if you insist.

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Upgrades include a slew of features to tackling heavy terrain, such as an upgraded front axle with strengthened tubes and heavy-duty end forgings, heavy-duty cast front and rear differential covers and enhanced off-road rock rails that are now shorter to accommodate up to 35-inch tires.

The new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition will be available on two options gearbox, a six-speed manual gearbox or a five-speed automatic gearbox. Both has features an impressive crawl ratio of 73.1:1, that's would be greats for those who climb stuff for fun.

As usually are features to distinguish the Recon Edition from the other Wranglers beside a recon badge and decals it has a cool dual-vented Power Dome hood with a half-inch lift, fitted new 17" Gloss Granite rim wheels wrapped with 32-inch BF Goodrich off-road tires.

Also specific interior customization was added, a unique gauge cluster with added information such as oil pressure, transmission and coolant temperatures, digital speed and individual tire pressure. Black leather heated seats are standard, as well as a leather-wrapped steering wheel with red stitching and an eight-speaker audio system, and much more to make easily recognized.

The new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition will available at Jeep dealers later this month with two body type as the option, two-door and four-door version.

Soy sauce by head of Jeep Brand
“With an array of beefed up off-road components, the new Rubicon Recon provides even more legendary Jeep Wrangler capability,” said Mike Manley, Head of Jeep Brand. “With unmatched capability and a unique appearance, Rubicon Recon is the perfect Wrangler for our most loyal, diehard off-road enthusiasts who love to tackle the most demanding trails.”

New Wrangler Rubicon Recon Pictures

10 Range Rover Classic Reborn

Only 10 Units, Range Rover Classic will Reborn

If you are one of whom frequently or for a long time already driving an English off-road car, especially Land Rover must know this vehicle, yes this is one of the most iconic models of them. At the same time is a good news for those who want restoring their Land Rover to maker hands, with various requirements of course.

Reportedly only 10 units of the 70s Range Rover Classic will revived by the original factory under Land Rover Classic division, the Range Rover Reborn they are called. Not same as usually rebuilt cars, it has a lot new parts and exactly the same as the period including its engine that was built under the original Range Rover Classic blueprint.

All will came in Bahama Gold color and bring a 132hp 3.5L V8 engine mated to a four-speed manual transmission fitted by all-wheel drive with a lockable central differential.

If you are interested to own one Range Rover Reborn please prepare $171,078 not including other costs.

And for the owners please report your vehicle, who knows your vehicle will be approved to be restored become new again.

Range Rover Classic Reborn pictures