Bentley Continental GT Off-Road Ready

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Bentley Continental GT Off-Road Ready

Bentley Continental GT Off-Road Ready

What you see is what you'll never do with your Bentley (even in imagination)

As you have seen here is like merchandise of the Mad Max movie, or the same as a vehicle style after a nuclear war. It's not only more stylish and comfortable going to the offroad playground, but it will also be a lot better than Wrangler or Evoque, is that right?

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Found this one posted on the Battlecars Reddit thread, it is very easy to be identified comes with wide wheel arches, hatch-mounted fuel canisters, and spare wheels pretty much say everything you need to know, regarding its purpose.

Doesn't matter if it's a replica or not, that's was ready one great reference of the Bentley custom build. And will see who was crazy enough to custom their Bentley to be ready for offroad use.

Bentley Continental GT off-road custom build pictures

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