Unique 4x4, 1963 Nissan Patrol 60

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Unique 4x4, 1963 Nissan Patrol 60

4WD for Sale, Unique 4x4, 1963 Nissan Patrol 60

This unique 4x4 vehicle that was made by Japanese manufacturer Nissan Motors designed and created to respond the Toyota Land Cruiser success on the international markets especially for FJ40 model. As shown here is one good example of the Nissan Patrol 60 series released in 1963 being offered for sale in Craigslist asking $10000 located in Providence, Rhode Island.

The truck has a 4.0 L straight-six gas engine backed by manual transmission, despite no words about mechanical problem, you should come to closer inspection for accurately condition.

Year of construction 1963
Model Patrol 4x4
Type SUV
Fuel Gas
Color Yellow
License Yes
Price $10000
Name Owner
City Providence, Rhode Island

Detail by owner
For sale is a unique 1963 Nissan Patrol 60 is a SWB soft top one of 1978 that came to the USA between 1962 to 1969 they are extremely rare, going up in price over the years I own the patrol since 1998 I am the second owner.

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