1991 Lancia Integrale HF 16V Barn Find

4WD for Sale, 1991 Lancia Integrale HF 16V Barn Find

1991 Lancia Integrale HF 16V, only 2 previous owners, displaying just 25,000km but the speedo was replaced at 75,000km (invoice in the history to show this) however that still only works out at 60,000 MLS, fitted with the very rare optional full leather Recaro interior which as you can see is in fine condition showing minimal wear as you would expect with the low mileage.

It is a rare non sunroof car.

1992 Lancia Delta for Sale

4WD for Sale, 1992 Lancia Delta 2.0 HF Integrale Evo LHD 52K Miles FSH

1992 Lancia Delta for sale in UK, very good condition, engine good condition, Overall is great.


4WD for Sale, 1991 H Lancia Delta 1.6 HF Turbo IE

1991 Lancia Delta for sale in UK, Body-color Grey, very good condition, engine good condition, Overall, considering the car's age, the interior & exterior of the car is very good in my opinion. This makes it an attractive car as the pictures do attest. However, being the Lancia that it is, coupled with the car’s age and as to be totally expected, it does of course have slight time-related imperfections.

Lancia Lives Is Not A Rumor

Lancia Lives Is Not A Rumor

Lancia is the brand automaker from Italia, and we known some legend cars born from there, who don't know Stratos...? who don't know Delta Integrale...?
But Lancia already closed.

Scott Brown, spokesman from Chrysler he told about the rumors that Lancia will be shut down are not true / fake. Lancia will continue on in Europe, with the Epsilon made in Italy, and the rest of its models built by Chrysler in North America.

According to German automotive news source Automobilwoche. That’s not all either. Rumor has it that Fiat will be reorganizing itself to better compete with Mini, and Jeep will be expanding its global reach.

Hmm.. let's wait for further news...


4WD for Sale, 1988, Lancia Delta Integrale Turbo

1988 Lancia Delta for sale in Ireland, Body color red, good body and no rush, engine good condition, ready for go anywhere with fast, totally original conditions, this car is legend, the most successful rally car of all time.