1991 Lancia Integrale HF 16V Barn Find

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4WD for Sale, 1991 Lancia Integrale HF 16V Barn Find

1991 Lancia Integrale HF 16V, only 2 previous owners, displaying just 25,000km but the speedo was replaced at 75,000km (invoice in the history to show this) however that still only works out at 60,000 MLS, fitted with the very rare optional full leather Recaro interior which as you can see is in fine condition showing minimal wear as you would expect with the low mileage.

It is a rare non sunroof car.

Year of construction 1991
Brand Lancia
Model Sports Hatchbacks
Type Delta HF16V 4X4
Fuel Petrol
Color Red
Miles 60K
License Yes
Price £2,800.00
Name Owner
Phone SOLD
City Bury, United Kingdom

The car has been stored since being taken out of use in 2008 due to a company car, prior to this it was only used occasionally and the history file backs this up with sorn declarations dating from 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

The car is now in need of a light restoration, for part of the time stored it has been outside so there are some corrosion issues, the nice thing about it though is the fact that it is original, it has never been welded or bodged previously, both sills will require at least partial replacement, both front doors need either replacing or work on the bottom edge, some corrosion on the scuttle near the wipers that will need repairing, there is a hole in the boot floor (see pic) and various other rust spots around the car but all those should repair without replacement of any panels.

The engine runs perfectly and the cambelt, tensioner and water pump were replaced a few weeks ago before an attempt was made to start it after its long lay up.

These are beginning to make serious money now with the evo models approaching £50k for low mileage examples, this car has the potential to make a very nice and valuable car if done correctly.

Of course the value will still rise if the car is restored or left as it stands now, a barn find to be wheeled out again in a few years time !!

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