1942 Willys WWII Jeep Superbly Restored Example

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4WD for Sale, 1942 Willys WWII Jeep Superbly Restored Example

If a Spitfire is the symbol of Britain from World War II, then the Willys Jeep is unquestionably that of the Americans. A total of over 650,000 were manufactured before the end of that great conflict and they were shipped to all corners of the world. Considered by many as the founding father of the utility vehicle, their simple, rugged design inspired numerous post-war designs including the Land Rover.

Year of construction 1942
Brand Jeep
Model Willys
Type Military 4x4 Utility Convertible
Fuel Petrol
Color ARMY Green
Miles N/A
License Yes
Price £27,950.00
For Sale By Owner
Phone SOLD
City KEW, United Kingdom

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