Top 10 4WD Vehicle Maker in the World

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Before you read this list, please let my know if you disagree with this result, please feel free to comment.
This basic list from the most popular brands, winning championships and lot of people want to have it.

Top 10 4WD Vehicle Maker in the World

Jeep, USA
The first 4WD
vehicle maker
Land Rover, UK
Discovery and Defender,
icon for Camel trophy
Toyota, Japan
Who don't know FJ40...
Mitsubishi, Japan
Pajero and Lancer Evo, Real King of Rally Dakar and WRC
Hummer, USA
Humvee, military vehicle for US Army
Suzuki, Japan
Samurai, Small vehicles Economy of a 4wd Vehicle, unreal off-road
Nissan, Japan
Patrol, many offroaders want to have this vehicle
Mercedes-Benz, German
280 GE and Unimog, Who don't know Mercedes...
Volkswagen, German
Touareg, New king of Rally Dakar
Ford, USA
F150, if you want to have a big truck with giant wheels

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