Top 10 Light Military Utility Vehicle Pictures

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A Light Military Utility Vehicle (LMUV) is a military vehicle in the class of the Jeep or Humvee, or similar with all-terrain traction, and holding a minimum of four persons for multipurpose, SUVs on the commercial/civilian market.

An LMUV is a general term for small, jeep-like four-wheel drive trucks designed for military use. They are usually short and relatively light compared to other trucks and cars, are unarmored, and have short body overhangs for all-terrain mobility.

The concept of LMUV is adding mobility to an entire army, fits into a role as a lightly armored long-distance four-wheel drive vehicle designed to haul limited cargo plus at least four soldiers over all manner of terrain, and can be fitted with crew-served weapon systems.

LMUV represents the workhorse of any military organization, and the base platform of these vehicles can be modified into roles varying from ambulance to fast anti-tank TOW vehicle, and even being the platform for mounting next-gen microwave and laser DEW systems.

The importance of this class of military vehicles is the most important vehicle for tactical military operations and support. These vehicles are among the most common military vehicles in armies of most nations and one of the most iconic and used tools of modern warfare.

Mercedes-Benz G Class
Land Rover Defender
Mercedes-Benz G Class
Jeep Willy's MB (WWI)
Jeep Rubicon
American Bantam WWI

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