2014 Toyota Highlander Review By Consumer Reports

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New 2014 Toyota Highlander is Unexciting but Pleasant Review By Consumer Reports This is the third-generation Toyota Highlander just arrived in Consumer Reports’ garage and this the reports. The design of the car and the quality of its interior are seen as steps forward, the three-row SUV is criticized for the lack of fuel-saving technologies such as an 8-speed or CVT gearbox. Gasoline engine 3.5-liter V6 engaging a six-speed automatic, this combination raises the question from the Consumer Reports' Tom Mutchler reviewer about the results fuel economy results. The interior now offers more length room, especially for passengers in the third row of seats, as well as minivan-like versatility.

Overall are rather encouraging, the new Highlander is described as a pleasant SUV to be in, although not an exciting one.

Remember, the basics of the SUV car concept should be exciting for off-road use. The SUVs will be interpreted for a tough challenge or sports a tougher with robustness in all sectors both in design and engine. SUVs must be capable of the challenges of the all-terrain, the rest is "Pleasant".

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