1977 Ford Bronco for Sale

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4WD for Sale, 1977 Ford Bronco

Will trade Hot Rod (Late 1920s--1950s only), Nice Rat Rod, 3 Person Jet Ski's (pairs only), Military Tractor Trailer - Not interested in anything else
Excellent condition Uncut / all original Bronco.
It is an Automatic, 4X4, with a 302 V8. Everything has been updated on it and it comes with a tow bar and lights.
There is 53K on the motor.
Only thing left to do is paint the upper dash and inner door panel inserts to be perfect
Appraised at $35k

Year of construction 1977
Brand FORD
Model Bronco
Type 4x4 SUV
Fuel Gasoline
Color Metallic Green
Miles 52350
License Yes
Price $21000
Name Owner
Contact SOLD
City Washington, US

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