1985 Toyota 4runner 4x4 for Trade

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4WD for Sale, 1985 Toyota 4runner 4x4 5 speed, would consider a trade

It's 1985 4runner 4x4 this is the model the TOP comes off. And has a factory roll bar, set up for offroad. lots of new parts on it. May take a trade for a nicer Honda Accord or Toyota Camry car or maybe a small Toyota Tacoma, or Ford Ranger truck maybe a Jeep wrangler no junk. The 4runner is set up with low gears and big tires so gas mileage would be not good as a car.

New clutch, rebuilt axles, brand new brakes to include calipers, wheel cylinders, pads, shoes nice tires, and rims.

The engine runs great, with no smoke or leaks, new fuel pump. very clean interior. Longfield axles, Locker in front Aussie with 5.29 gears, and the rear is spooled and 5.29 axles also with extended vent tubes from marlin. New clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, and rebuilt transmission.

Every bearing in it was replaced and all new gaskets were. Had someone asked me about the wiper being up, I was washing the 4runner and just left it up. This is a very good trail rig that could be used to drive daily if you changed the tires out. These things feel like squares till they warm up. So some street tires and this thing be a lot more usable around town.
Year of construction 1985
Brand Toyota
Model 4Runner
Type Wagon 4x4
Fuel ASK
Color Red
Miles ASK
License Yes
Price USD 4,500
Name Owner
Phone SOLD
City Pensacola

I have pics I will send. If you got a trade, tell me the miles on it, year, any issues, and a picture of it. Other than that it drives fine.

I value the 4runner about 4500 and would use that as a base for any trade. So if yours worth more I have extra cash. There is a lot of expensive parts on the 4runner that was put on. So if you into off roading or trail riding this will get you there and back. If you email and ask for pics and dont seem to be a real person, I gonna delete your email. I am in no hurry to sale as closer it gets to spring and summer the better. Since the top comes off this model 4runner.

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