1989 UMM Alter 2 4x4 for Sale

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4WD for Sale, 1989 UMM Alter 2 4x4

Here a very rare unit in the USA - This is a 'UMM ALTER II' - It is a Portuguese 'Jeep' and is somewhat common in Southern Europe and used as farm vehicles, police trucks, Ambulances, etc etc.

The top DOES come off, so you will have a convertible if you want when the sunny days are here. The engine is a 'front mid engine' with the 4-cylinder diesel engine set well behind the front axle (and actually bulges into the passenger compartment slightly like a Citroen) for excellent weight distribution and balance, and less oversteer.

Year of construction 1989
Brand UMM
Model Alter 2
Type 4x4 Utility
Fuel Diesel
Color Dark Blue
Miles 122
License Yes
Price $ 8900
For Sale By Owner
Contact SOLD
City St. Johns, US

Engine is a Peugeot 2.5L diesel and it gets great mileage. Running gear (transmission/ transfer case, axles and maybe leaf springs) are all US Jeep CJ parts, so most things are easy to find and replace. What is NOT going to be easy to replace would be body parts like hood, bumpers, and fenders. Fortunately most everything is flat and would be easy to fix, and there is a strong parts supply in Europe.

This truck starts, runs and drives just great. Starts right up from cold and shifts through all gears easily and stops as it should. Interior could use a good cleaning, and there is a small oil leak from the transmission.

There is some rust in the door bottoms (but not in the frame) and a few panels under the hood. If one were to want to keep this forever, a cosmetic restoration would be in order.

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