1992 GMC Typhoon AWD Turbo for Sale

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4WD for Sale, 1992 GMC Typhoon AWD Turbo

This vehicle only has 58 K documented miles and is well cared for. GMC only produced the Typhoon for two years (92 & 93) with a total production number of 4697. 92 was the only year with the Syclone-type seats and Typhoon embroidered on the seats.

Year of construction 1992
Brand GMC
Model Typhoon
Fuel ASK
Color Black
Miles 58 K
License Yes
Price ASK
For Sale By Owner
Contact SOLD
City El Paso

This Typhoon is pretty much stock except for a Walbro 255 fuel pump, aftermarket fuel regulator, cold air intake and an aftermarket boost guage.

Many Typhoon and Syclone guages fail to work over the last 22 years but all factory guage are funtioning properly.

Just had the front end rebuilt and aligned.

The 4.3 L AWD LB4 Turbo and 4L60 Automatic perform perfect and can be used as a daily driver or taken to cruise-ins.

The interior as you can see is as close to a 10 as you can get, the exterior is still wearing the oringinal black paint and would need to be redone to be show worthy. The original wheels are in excellent condition and the tires a almost new.

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