1979 FJ40 Land Cruiser

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4WD for Sale, 1979 FJ40 Land Cruiser

1979 FJ40 Land Cruiser. 35" tires, ARB lockers, SM465, straight six has some power, no need for a V8, disk brakes all around, Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2.0 shocks, and custom-built suspension, this truck drives well on the street! Steel braided DOT lines and custom driveshafts to allow full-wheel travel. Good original body and hard top with doors, original awesome 1970s baby poop olive green paint, better than most but not perfect. The Interior of the tub has been sand blasted and Line X'd, very nice job.

Year of construction 1979
Brand Toyota Land Cruiser
Model FJ40
Type SUV 4x4
Fuel Diesel
Color Brown
Miles 145K
License Yes
Price $14500
Name Owner
Phone SOLD
City Los Angeles, California

Currently doesn't pass CA smog, but included are many of the parts to do so. Title is good, registration is good. This truck is a rare find and it a good truck for a Land Cruiser/4x4 enthusiast. It is just modified enough to do ANY trail you want but still looks and drive like a classic Land Cruiser.

Needs seats and while the everything works it could use an electrical refresh. Rust is MINOR, no body rot! Most appreciable rust is on the doors and top, although none of it is scary. Door seals are pretty hammered, but you can still trundle around in the train.

The truck has it's flaws, but it is a good daily drive/trail machine as is. It has been a 5 year project for me and I just can't quite finish the little details. It has never left me stranded on or off road. The truck is ready to test drive with a fresh transfer case, new fuel pump, batteries, electrical, and freshly rebuilt carburetor! Tons of fun to drive! Come check it out!

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