1979 Subaru BRAT 4x4 for Sale

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4WD for Sale, 1979 Subaru BRAT 4x4

Here's a classic single cab sport base on 4 wheels drive produced by Japanese automaker Subaru, built-in 1979. This a Subaru Brat series in excellent condition compared to most older Brats. has only 86,343 miles, but it runs and drives great.

Year of construction 1979 
Brand Subaru
Model BRAT 
Type 4WD Single Cab
Fuel Gas
Color Silver
Miles 86
License Yes
Price $ 4950 
For Sale By Owner
Contact SOLD
City Canoga Park

Detail by owner
This 1979 Subaru Brat is in excellent condition compared to most older Brats. With only 86,343 miles, it runs and drives great.

Bought new in North Hollywood on January 16, 1980 and has been with the same owner for 35 years. Comes with original window sticker, documentation, owner's manual and toolkit. It is almost 100% original.

This is one of very few first-gen Brats that came equipped with factory air conditioning. However, it does not currently blow cold air.

Mechanically, it has no issues to the best of my knowledge. It sat for a while, which is why the mileage is so low. But I had my mechanic go through all the systems, and had over $2000 worth of work done to make it as reliable as possible:

• New CV axles and boots
• New fuel pump
• New battery
• Rebuilt carburetor
• New starter
• New water pump
• Most of the hoses and fuel lines replaced
• Fuel tank drained and cleaned
• Full tune-up with new plugs, cap & rotor

The silver paint is original and still shiny in some areas, but heavily oxidized in others. There are a few small dings and dents.

Rust is usually a big problem with Brats, but this one is better than most. There is superficial surface rust here and there, but nothing structural, and nothing that couldn't be removed with a little sandpaper. The worst of it was at the bottom of the front fenders, but that has been repaired, as shown in the photos.

The interior is very clean. The driver's seat upholstery needs a little work and there is a small split in the passenger seat upholstery. The dash is one of the best I've seen, although it does have a few narrow cracks.

One minor issue is that the passenger door lock doesn't work. Please note that it does not have a radio, and the driving lights mounted on the roll bar are not wired.

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