1979 Ford Supercab 4x4 Truck for Sale

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4WD for Sale, 1979 Ford Supercab 4x4 Truck

This classic 4x4 Truck produced by Ford, as the picture is a 3/4 ton F truck series come in Supercab model has 400 gas-engine mated with manual transmission 4WD built in 1979 condition good to excellent. Low miles. New tires. Interior original with little wear; two cracks on the dash. Interested parties may contact seller for more info and/or additional pictures.

Year of construction 1979
Brand FORD
Model F260
Type 4x4 Supercab Truck
Fuel Gas
Color White
Miles 35K
License Yes
Price $10000
Name Owner
Contact SOLD
City Manderson, Wyoming

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