1997 Lexus LX450 4x4 Offroad Custom

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4WD for Sale, 1997 Lexus LX450 4x4 Offroad Custom

This a 4x4 luxury SUV made by the Japanese auto maker Toyota Motor Company under Lexus brand, as the picture is a LX series it's the LX450 was released in 1997 same base as the FJ80 Land Cruiser has been custom and built to offroad purpose, good condition has 198K miles on it.

Year of construction 1997
Brand Lexus
Model LX450
Type 4x4 SUV
Fuel Gas
Color Custom
Miles 198210
License Yes
Price $ 5500
Name Seller
Contact SOLD
City Chino Valley, AZ

Detail by owner
I have a 1997 Lexus LX450 that I bought stock, and over the past few years have built up with many mods.

- Slee 6" lift
- ARB Safari Snorkel
- 325/85/16 Michelin XML military tires. (38.7" tall)
- 4x4 Labs Rear Bumper with dual swing outs for tire carrier and ladder/fuel carrier
- Custom rock slider side steps with built in catalytic converter protection
- Electronic center diff lock switch
- Front & Rear ARB air lockers with large ARB compressor
- 5.29 gears
- Longfield Chromeoly axles and birfields all around.
- many more...

This rig is a beast and has taken me on many mountain trails, rock crawling, and all over Arizona and California.

It is also my daily driver that I use to lug around my band equipment. Current mileage is about 198k

Lately I've been riding my street legal dirtbike around for small errands to save on gas, but I can't haul my equipment on a motorcycle. This got me contemplating trading this beast of a truck for something a little smaller, better mpg.

If you have something interesting, like a nice used Tacoma, or just something wild or custom let me know. I'm often finding myself looking at the odd vehicle like an older Mercedes Benz S500 or ML SUV or a Crossfire, or?...maybe something classic. Just something interesting.

EDIT: I am receiving dozens of emails a day asking the same questions so I will try to answer those here.

Does it have a clear and clean title?
A - Yes, Box A Arizona title in hand. No liens or issues.

How is the interior?
A - Great. The driver's seat bottom has the most wear as expected with climbing in and out of a seat after 198k miles. Middle seats and rear seats are excellent and hardly saw any passenger use. Half the time I owned it both middle and rear rows were removed and stored in the garage. It's a bit dusty from trail rides with the windows down, so wipe it down if you like. All power stuff works. In really cold weather the windows roll up slow as the window seals shrink and get tighter on the glass. That's about it.

Can I come up from Tucson or some other far city and drive it home?
A - Yes, but I would recommend trailering instead, or bring another set of wheels and tires. These military tires are very loud and vibrate at speeds over 50mph. They aren't easy to balance and throw clamp on rim weights. I've driven from Prescott 100 miles to Phoenix and back a few times this year and it's just a pain to be slower than the rest of traffic and it can sound like driving over rumble strips at some speeds. These tires are great offroad and can get you around town, but not optimal for long highway drives. They are for MUCH heavier military vehicles after all. I have a total of 8 of these Lexus rims and military XML tires. For the right cash in hand offer I could be persuaded to let them all go with the Lexus.

The ARB roof rack has just been sold separately. The factory roof rack remains attached. Now you can fit in most parking garages and house garages.

The front ARB bar was actually from a rolled FJ60. I bought it many years ago from another Craigslister that had poorly fabbed mounts to bolt to an 80 series. I removed it as it wasn't worth the extra work it needed to make the winch mount useable. The factory frame is untouched in the front so feel free to mount up any factory bumper or aftermarket aggressive bumper of your choice.

The front left turn signal housing was cracked from trail branches and would fill with water when it rained. I removed that corner lens. Replacements are available all over eBay and your local salvage yard pretty cheap.

The truck starts and runs and drives fine. Swap the tires if you want to drive it on the highway everyday. Keep the military tires if this is just a weekend trail rig with occasional trips around town. I'd keep it but I don't need 7 seats or giant SUV gas mileage these days.

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