1961 Jeep FC150 4x4 Truck For Sale

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Jeep FC150

4WD for Sale, 1961 Jeep FC150 4x4 Truck

This an American classic 4x4 pickup truck for Sale in Santa Clarita. As the picture is a rare Jeep FC150 1961 model year only 2800 plus made that year and this one of them, it has been fully restored and rebuild engine and not used. Overall on good condition powered by 4 cylinders gas engine mated with manual transmission ready to go for $10000.

Year of construction 1961
Brand Jeep
Model FC150
Type 4x4 Single Cab Truck
Fuel Gas
Color Custom
Miles 204156
License Yes
Price $10000
For Sale By Owner
Contact SOLD
City Santa Clarita

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