1980 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43 For Sale

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1980 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43 For Sale

4WD for Sale, 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43

Here's a long wheelbase variants of the Japanese 4x4 vehicle legend, yes it a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43 built in 1980 excellent condition, all looks great from outside to inside, it could be a seriously cool 4WD car looking get $32000 location in Florida. All in good condition, the exterior looks perfect and solid, no dent or rust issue. The interior looks good and clean seem has been renewed. The engine looks good seems had very well maintenance also. Overall, may it a really reliable 4x4 vehicle was ready for sale today, hope I'm not wrong.

Year of construction 1980
Brand Toyota Land Cruiser
Model FJ43
Type SUV 4x4
Fuel Gas
Color Green
Miles ASK
License Yes
Price $ 32000
Name Owner
Phone SOLD
City Florida

Owner says
This is not a car. It's a 4-wheel drive Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43. Sure you can drive it at top speed on the highway. Sure your wife can take it to the grocery store. But those are the fringe benefits. They're not what it was built for.
This Land Cruiser has a 3.5L, straight 6, F2 engine. All the torque you need for climbing. Plenty of power for pulling.
It's made of steel, heavily reinforced. Held together by nuts & bolts, rivets & welds. Not by sheet metal screws. All vitals parts underneath are protected by skid plates. The spare tire is on the back door to get it out of the way. The front bumper sticks out so you can easily install a winch. This Toyota is a beautifully functional 4-wheel drive machine.

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