1979 Volkswagen 4x4 German Iltis

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1979 Volkswagen 4x4 German Iltis

4WD for Sale, 1979 Volkswagen 4x4 German Iltis

Found this one 1979 Volkswagen 4x4 German Iltis Offroading Military vehicle come with attractive yellow color, made by Volkswagen and Bombardier. The seller claims is an excellent condition this cound be perfect as the adventure and offroading toy, was offered in craigslist about 3 days ago asking for $9950. Need more details please read detail below.

Year of construction 1979
Brand Volkswagen
Model Iltis
Type Utility 4WD
Fuel Gas
Color Yellow
Miles ASK
License Yes
Price $9950
Name Seller
Contact SOLD
City Portland

Detail by owner
This is the successor to the VW 181 Thing. Built by both the Germans and the Canadians for their military. This is the desired German built version made for the German Army. These 4x4 vehicles became legendary right when the German magazine Offroad compared the Mercedes G and the VW-Iltis, with the VW the clear winner. The Iltis has a 1700cc, 75hp gas engine and non-permanent 4WD, Weighing only 1200 Kg the Iltis is very light and easy to tow! After retiring from the German Army, this Iltis served with the Red Cross from 1970 to 1995, where it hardly made any miles, but was maintained to the highest german standards. It was then obtained by the Mountain Rescue Service in a small town of Suhl and painted yellow over the original dark green. This vehicle is in excellent condition, starts right up and drives like it should. The original side doors are included.

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