1988 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 4x4 Truck

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1988 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 4x4 Truck

4WD for Sale, 1988 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 4x4 Truck

This a nice Germany off-road truck was produced by Mercedes-Benz named the Unimog. Built in 1988 this U1250 type is a SBU 4x4 truck come with Lockers Tipper Bed Hydraulics Manual Farm, is said good condition has been upgrade a reliable diesel engine mated with manual transmission. If you're interested please read detail more below.

Year of construction 1988
Brand Mercedes-Benz
Model Unimog
Type 4x4 Truck
Fuel Diesel
Color Orange
Miles ASK
License Yes
Price USD25000
Name Owner
Phone Here
City Plano, Texas

Detail by owner
I am selling my SBU Unimog. It is a 1988 Mercedes Benz Unimog U1250 that I imported from Germany last year from one of the top Unimog shops in Germany, Merex. It is in great mechanical shape with no problems and everything working as it should. These trucks are meant to last while being used hard. For those that don't know, it has a Mercedes 6.0L turbo diesel engine that is very efficient with lots of torque. It was factory rated at 125hp, but this one has been turned up to 150hp. Doesnt sound like much with the diesels nowadays, but it is plenty for its use.

It has many very usable options that are hard to find, making it great for playing or for use on a farm or ranch. Being that farm work is a big part of what these do overseas, they accept most all farm implements.

I am open to potential trade offers.

3 circuit hydraulics on the front and the back, controlled in the cab
Additional extra volume hydraulic pump controlled by switch when needed
8 speed transmission on the stick, with working gears as well, plus all gears available in forward and reverse, 32 speeds total
Working gears is an add on
Fast axles because of the OM366a engine
Currently 42" tires, easily run the 46.5's (395/85r20)
Does about 56mph right now, with the 46's it will go 65mph
VonsMog front diff breathers to control oil in the front hubs for highway driving
All hubs ran with Redline Shockproof gear oil
3 Way tipper bed
Air over hyraulic brakes with trailer air brake connections as well
Military ring style rear hitch
Sliding rear windows
Air actuated front, rear and center differential lockers
Of course the famous portal axles
16.5k GVW, can take 6K lbs in the bed, off road, up a ditch, backwards
Roof hatch
211k KM's (131k miles)

Over 9 feet tall
128 inch wheelbase
Surprisingly not too wide at all, has to fit on Euro streets

I am sure I am missing several things that the average person wouldn't know about Unimogs that I would have forgotten to ad. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Here is a good website to learn some things about Unimogs. This would be considered a 435 series.


This was used as a fun vehicle and it is the most fun I have ever had driving a vehicle. Great for parades or just driving around, gets looks everywhere you go. For its weight, it gets surprisingly good gas mileage, staying around 12-14 mpg from what I have measured. I have taken it on a 7 hour journey with no problems at all. It does not ride rough like you would think, even though it is a big truck it is sprung very soft to be good offroad, so it doesnt jar you to death. Being an 88, the body is not perfect as it has never been restored. There is rust in the bed and a few small places on the body, but it is in pretty good shape for its age.

It has a clean and clear Texas title in my name. Titled as a classic vehicle so you dont have to pay for inspections and cheap registration. Ive never had a problem whenever I drive it.

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