Potential Camper Conversion, 1991 Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV

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1991 Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV

4WD for Sale, 1991 Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV

This is a Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV for Sale in Santa Barbara, year constructions 1991 Runs but not perfect, needs some to repaired and replaced parts. This cool 1991 Ford Explorer SUV is more than family wagon, it has a lot potential as camper conversion

Year of construction 1991
Brand FORD
Model Explorer
Type SUV 4x4 automatic transmission
Fuel Gas
Color Brown
License Yes
Price $600
Name Owner
Contact SOLD
City Santa Barbara, California, US

Detail by owner
1991 Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV, runs but will need work, head gasket may be broken? Car is currently registered as PNO. Roomy interior & plenty of cargo space, car only used for commuting, low mileage for year. Don't have the time or the money to fix so selling car. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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