Well Cared For, Black Bronco 4X4

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Black Bronco 4X4

4WD for Sale, Black Bronco 4X4

Found this cool black Bronco 4X4 being offered for sale in Craigslist looking for $3500 Located in Seattle, WA. It's a second generation of the Bronco released in 1982 come with a removable top all looks promising despite shown by photos, overall it has a good shape, and has been pretty well cared for. Need closer inspection for accurately condition.

Year of construction 1982
Brand FORD
Model Bronco
Type 4x4 SUV
Fuel Gas
Color Black
License Yes
Price $3500
Name Owner
Contact SOLD
City Seattle, WA

Owner says, I have a Ford Bronco 4X4 with a 6 cylinder 4.9 300 ci that is full of torque. 9" rear end. It is geared to tow. Clean body, fog lamps and lit eyebrow over the windshield. Boyd wheels. 3 speed with overdrive. Fog lamps. It's old but it is a solid Bronco. I drive it daily in the City but it's ready for the ridge or offroad. Black with a purple stripe. Black interior. Top comes off so it's a convertible Bronco. It is awesome.

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