Up For Sale, 1973 Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 710M

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Up For Sale, 1973 Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 710M

4WD for Sale, 1973 Pinzgauer 710

Found this from Craigslist, interesting military vehicle made by Steyr Puch was built in 1973 being offered for sale in Prescott, Arizona. As shown here is Pinzgauer 710M model has been completely and professionally refurbished. This could be a great and unique offroad vehicle offered today. If you are interested please read more detail below.

Year of construction 1973
Brand Penzgauer
Model 710M
Type 4x4 Military Utility Truck
Fuel Gas
Color Green
Miles 23896
License Yes
Price $24500
Name Owner
Contact CLOSED
City Prescott, Arizona

Detail by owner
PINZGAUER 710M former Radio Truck

Completely and professionally refurbished Pinzgauer.
What you see in the photos missing or not finished will be done by the time of sale and is included in the sale price.

The soft top version radio truck is rare and was used very gently by the Swiss Army as well as being stored inside.
Very straight floor in the rear unlike the troop carriers.

Painted with original rare gloss Swiss Army paint, but not a show quality paint job.

Everything is done right and with the use of original parts.
NEW original front canvas top, excellent rear canvas with professionally installed new vinyl windows.

The rear has two bench seats (four passengers) and two great storage boxes but can be changed to four benches at additional cost.

Mileage shown on odometer is in KM and not the original mileage.

No need to explain the extreme capabilities and versatility of the Pinzgauer but you will find plenty on the Internet.

Compare to other Pinzgauers on the market:
My "Refurbished" exceeds what most folks consider a "Restoration".
Always take a close look at missing or defective, expensive original parts, most especially the canvas top as well as
improper modifications and "upgrades" such as bedliners etc. etc.

It will be hard to find a comparison to this one if you are looking for an authentic Pinzgauer in fully servicable and operational condition.

Priced at $ 24500 cash, no trades etc. etc.

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