1996 Mitsubishi Montero LS 4X4 For Sale

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1996 Mitsubishi Montero LS 4X4 For Sale

4WD for Sale, 1996 Mitsubishi Montero LS 4X4

This one of the Japanese toughnees 4x4 vehicles were made by Mitsubishi Motors, it's come from the Pajero lineage well-known as the Montero in the US user, as shown here is LS model example was released in 1996 being offered for sale in Calabasas, California. Asking $4800 in good condition with 154500 miles on it. Very reliable never disappoint the owner.

Year of construction 1996
Brand Mitsubishi
Model Montero LS
Type SUV 4x4
Fuel Gas
Color Green
Miles 154500
License Yes
Price USD 4800
For Sale By Owner
Contact CLOSED
City Calabasas, California

Detail by owner
It's time to part ways with my beloved Montero. This faithful beast has roughly 154,500 miles on it, and had been absolutely solid throughout the time I've owned it. Thanks to preventative maintenance which I will detail below, nothing ever broke on me. Over the past year, I have driven it to Big Sur and back, numerous trips to Rowher Flats, and most recently Lake Tahoe and back about a month ago, and not once through any of these treks up and down the 5, has the temp gauge risen even a millimeter above the half way mark. This thing will not overheat under any circumstances. Also worth noting, not a single drop of oil, or any other fluid, has leaked during my time of ownership. This is made apparent by the dusty engine bay and underside. The truck does not allow any water in, and withstood heavy rain storms with no issue. It is rust free and healthy from the frame up.

All of this is thanks to the fact that this truck is powered by the venerable 24V 3.0 V6, which unlike the 3.5 variant, has no propensity to blowing gaskets or burning water pumps. The 24V 3.0 is very rare, as most Montero buyers opted for the more powerful engine option. I have rarely come across them for sale in the US on craigslist, autotrader, ebay, or any other medium, through the sea of 3.5s, most of which are popped and in need of repairs due to blown gaskets and neglect. I welcome you to check for yourselves, as this will likely be the only one out there.

Clean Title, in my name.
Rebuilt original OEM front axles (replaced because old boots were starting to tear, and I didn't want dirt getting into the CVs)
New Old Man Emu (ARB) 2" suspension lift kit installed by Mike's Frame and Alignment with receipts (no spacers or body lift!)
Mud Claw (Cooper) MT 32"x11.5 tires with probably 2000-3000 miles on them and plenty of life (no rubbing whatsoever)
New OEM Engine Fan installed by The Grease Monkey with receipts (old one was cracked and didn't want to risk it breaking)
New transmission pan gasket and filter also done by The Grease Monkey with receipts.
New rear drum brakes also done by the same shop, but I don't have receipts because I payed over the phone. Feel free to call them and confirm.
+whatever other service records I have from the previous owner
4X4, low range, and locking center diff engage and work perfectly if done properly (instructions on the driver door courtesy of Mitsubishi, as pictured)
Original Owner's manual
Some cheapy LED spot lights tack welded to the front bumper (can easily be angle grinded off)
Pioneer head unit with USB, Aux, and Bluetooth connectivity
AC blows nice and cold, and power locks/remote key fob work as well

-The biggest con is that there as an annoying light squeaking sound at idle, that is most likely related to the belts. It also only occurs with the AC off. The belts are all in good condition, and upon inspection, my mechanic advised me that it would be best to live with it until the belts need replacing, or show signs of wear. I had this looked at prior to my most recent trip with the truck, and it posed no issue throughout the 1000+ miles of driving completed, squeak and all.

-There is a failed solenoid or relay within the front passenger door that causes an alarm clock-like buzzing sound upon unlocking or turning off the vehicle. It does not cause any sort of power drain whatsoever, and is more of a minor annoyance than an issue. I have left the truck undriven for 2 weeks and the battery was still fully charged, as indicated by the battery gauge.

-The rear power windows, as well as the sun roof, do not function, and likely need greasing/adjustment. I have not even attempted to fix them, as I haven't carried many passengers with this truck, and removed the back seats for more flexible cargo space within my first week of ownership, so I never cared to get them operational. The manual rear sliders work just fine.

-There are cosmetic imperfections throughout, such as paint scuffs and rock chips. All of the panels are more or less perfect as far as shape.

-The interior could certainly use a detailing, but with the nature of this truck serving as an overland rig, I never cared to. The headliner is perfect however, and does not sag or hang anywhere, at all.

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