M151A2 Multi Unit Tactical Truck

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M151A2 Multi Unit Tactical Truck

4WD for Sale, M151A2 Multi Unit Tactical Truck

Found this Jeep being offered for sale by the owner at Craigslist for $15200 located in Mohave County, Arizona. As shown here is M151A2 Multi Unit Tactical Truck built in 1965 is very popular as the Vietnam War Jeep before being replaced by the Hummer for the next generation. Sold as a good example the M151A2 was coming from Ford's production line. If you're interested should come for a closer inspection.

Unlike the other models, the M151 is a military transport model made without any version for civilians. It could be a great example for a collection of military vehicle enthusiasts.

Year of construction 1965
Brand Ford
Model M151A2
Type Utility Vehicle
Fuel Gas
Color ARMY Green
Miles N/A
Price $15200
For Sale By owner
Contact CLOSED
City Mohave County, Arizona

Detail by owner
For sale is my M151A2 Multi Unit Tactical Truck, MUTT. This type of vehicle was in service with the military up till the 80's when it was replaced by the Hummer. When they were decommissioned by the military only 10,000 complete Mutts were released for sale as surplus. All the others that were made available were cut in half and sold. Common practice was to just weld the two parts together. This one was NOT cut, the body is a single piece.
Drive train is a Ford 4 cylinder motor, coupled to a 4 speed manual transmission. 1st gear is a very low "granny" gear. Single speed transfer case, it's either in or out of 4 wheel drive. Electrical system is a water proof, 24v system. Two standard batteries tied together powers the Mutt. Master power switch and a starter button powers it up...
Road performance is nothing to write home about. It's very comfortable on the road, but can handle strangely over 55 mph. And it gets a bit loud...
However, off road performance is absolutely wonderful!!! I've owned a lot of various off road vehicles, large and small. This is by far the best off road vehicle I've owned. It'll go anywhere a side by side will go...
Everything works, all lights, gauges and mechanical are good. I've replaced a lot of the lights, electrical components and driveline parts with new parts. The motor doesn't burn oil and stays clean between changes....
It does have some issues. A bearing failure on the right front wheel broke the spindle shaft and took out the right front brake assembly. New replacement parts are easily available for under $300. There is a bearing squeak in the transmission. However, the transmission shifts fine. There is a very minor fluid leak from the transmission/transfer case, but it settles down to a few drips when the jeep is driving more often. Common issue with military vehicles. Seals dry out due to being parked for long periods...
I have a military issue repair manual that will go with the Mutt. Parts are readily available and inexpensive thru eBay and other military surplus sites online....
I have a clean title issued to me. The Mutt is registered as a 1965 Ford thru ADOT. 5 year registration cost me less than $70....
This is one of the most rare military vehicles you'll find anywhere in the U.S. It's also one of the most complete you'll find. Rust buckets are selling online for $12,000 to $14,000....
You can own a part of American history, and one of the finest off road vehicles every made....
I do not want to trade!!!
I will not hold this!!!
This is a cash sale, as is, with a clean title...

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