1975 Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 4x4

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1975 Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 4x4 For Sale

4WD for Sale, 1975 Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 4x4

Found this rare 4x4 Utility vehicle being offered for sale on Craigslist looking for $26,600 located in Surrey, British Columbia. As shown here a cool light military vehicle made by Austrian manufacturer Steyr Puch commonly known as Pinzgauer was built in 1975 the 710M model has been rebuilt claim runs and drives well. This would be a great offroad toy that was offered on the market today. If you are interested please read more detail below.
Year of construction 1975
Brand Penzgauer
Model 710M
Type 4x4 Military Utility Truck
Fuel Gas
Color Baige
Miles 78190
License Yes
Price $24500
Name Owner
Contact CLOSED
City Surrey, British Columbia

Detail by owner
For sale is a 1975 Pinzgauer 4x4 710M
5 speed manual with hi and low transfer case, powered by an 2.5L aircooled gasoline engine.
Portal axles just like unimogs, it has a crazy amount of clearance. Triple locks (Center diff lock, front and rear diff locks) like unimogs and gwagons.

I bought it a year ago from Alberta, since than put a lot of work to make it more daily driving friendly. It passed BC inspection a month ago and insured and plated. Clean title in my name.

All the major work I have done:
Oil change
new fuel filter
Potal hubs with new 75w90 regular gear oil (you don’t put synthetic in these hubs it will cause leak)
Front and rear diff oil ( redline heavy shockproof)
Transfer case (redline heavy shorkproof)
Transmission GL4 redline mt90 gear oil
I only use best stuff available for the pinzgauer these oils are very expensive but you are good for a very long time. With the correct oil it runs super smooth and no oil leaks

Rebuilt steering box with all new seals
Installed an electric power steering with on/off switch, it’s one of modifications you need to have for any pinzgauer, performs great at parking lot or trail.

New hella headlamps
New windshield with rubber seal
New LED spot lights with custom made brackets
New license plate bracket
New LED rear spot light
New winch with custom made winch bracket
Relocated winch solenoid inside the cabin
2new batteries for engine (24v)
1 new optima yellow top battery (12v) for winch air compressor and all other 12v accessories
Victron 24v to 12v converter charger
2 Smart car front seats with custom made seat brackets, (I still have factory seats in case you wanna switch them back)
New wipers,
New rear mirrors
New driver side door panel made from ABS black sheet
4 new tires (265/75/16) with new rims (factory steel rims are included)
New rear polycarbonate window
Custom made light switch bracket
Custom made usb charger port bracket
New brake fluid with new shoes.
Custom made side rail
Custom made exhaust (still have factory exhaust)

I did not make any hack modifications, I have all the original parts I removed, if you wanna go back to original it’s fairly simple. All the brackets I made with my CNC machine

Truck has minimal rust and some surface rust with covered with por15. Since the whole body is seating on these giant axle tubes, you don’t actually have a rotted frame to worry. That’s another thing I like about pinz.

Transmission shift smooth, so it transfer case, all diff locks work no problem.

Some people ask me if I have the rear cargo canvas, there are two types of 710m, one with a full canvas all the way to the back but it doesn’t have a separate canvas wall between cabin and rear cargo and the other type is mine which is rare, the full enclosed cabin but no rear cargo canvas. You can fabricate the rear cargo tarp or buy one from the US vendors. Btw, regularly maintenance parts, like filters you can get them from Napa or lordco, any pinzgauer specific parts you can get them from States delivered to your door in 3 days.

Pinz doesn’t require any work now or soon. I’m daily driving it now.

If you wanna have something different on the trails, this is your opportunity.

Price is 26600, and I’m firm on the price. Not in a rush to sell it. The more stuff and work I put into the more expensive it will get. I’m planning to paint it inside and out, also make a hard top for the cabin and rear cargo and turn it into a camper with a pop up roof. But it will be a loooot more than I’m selling it right now.

This is not a project, it’s a turn key truck, you can do whipsaw trip anytime you want.

Cheers all.

Update: Oct 26th installed a new GPS speedometer (factory unit is included as well)

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