1994 Isuzu Fargo Diesel 4x4 RV

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1994 Isuzu Fargo Diesel 4x4 RV

4WD for Sale, 1994 Isuzu Fargo Diesel 4x4 RV

Found this JDM 4x4 RV being offered for sale on Craigslist for $18,000 located in Bellevue, Washington. As shown here is RHD RV based on a 1994 Isuzu Fargo van powered by a 2.5 L diesel engine mated with 5-speed manual transmission then delivery to each wheel (part-time 4WD). It comes with complete camper amenities with solar panels and a power inverter, it could be a perfect option for an off-road RV.
Year of construction 1994
Brand Isuzu
Model Fargo
Type RV 4x4
Fuel Diesel
Color White
Miles 101000
License Yes
Price $18,000
Name Owner
City Bellevue, Washington

Detail by owner
For sale-1994 RHD camper Isuzu Fargo with 2.5 L diesel engine, 5 speed manual transmission, and part time 4wd. It comes with gas stove, refrigerator, sink, new diesel cabin heater. Camper has solar panels and power inverter. It comes with new tires and high ground clearance which makes the camper perfect option for off road adventures.

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