Ford E350 4x4 Camper Van

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Ford E350 4x4 Camper Van For Sale

4WD for Sale, Ford E350 4x4 Camper Van

Found this all-terrain camper van being offered for sale by the owner on craigslist for $49,000 located in Denver, Colorado. As shown here is a nice camper conversion based on a 1981 Ford Econoline E350 delivery van claimed in excellent condition, has been fully customized since 2021, it looks promising to be a tough adventure van. Need more info? please read more below.
Year of construction 1981
Brand Ford
Model E350
Type Delivery Van 4x4
Fuel Gas
Color Red
Miles 120000
License Yes
Price $49,000
Name Owner
City Denver, Colorado

Detail by owner
Do you want a turn key van that you can hop in and go anywhere with? Do you want a van that is a completely finished and sorted vehicle? Do you need four-wheel-drive to get to your favorite ski resort in a blizzard? Do you need a rig to travel down to Baja for months on end with? And do you want a van that checks all these boxes without the price tag of a Midwestern home?

Well look no further! Here is the van for you. This is a newly completed 1981 Ford Econoline E350 Supervan camper van. This van has been a 2000+ hour project that started in June of 2021. Body repaired and repainted to Ford Vermilion Red. All mechanicals gone through and sorted (I’d get in and drive this thing cross country and not even think about it). Van was built with both full time travel and weekend shenanigans in mind. Built with a lot of detail and the bugs of the build and the van itself have been identified and fixed.

The quality of the build speaks to itself in these short videos:

Exterior Walk-around:
Interior Walk-through:

There are no other Ford Econoline E350s like this one in existence with this body/driveline set up. This van gets a lot of compliments and starts a lot of conversations.

Yes, there are cheaper 4wd vans for sale. There are, but there are no older 4wd vans that have had this much mechanical work, thought, and detail put into them that are a completed vehicle. This van is a bargain for those that know what they’re looking at.

Van Details:
~120,000 miles
-300ci-I6 engine paired with a 4-speed manual Borg-Warner T-18 transmission.
*This transmission was not a factory option and this transmission was installed by Quigley when the van was converted to 4wd.
*The 300ci-I6 is a bullletproof engine that’s been used in hundreds of thousands if not millions of vehicles.
*parts are incredibly easy and cheap to get from your local O’Reillys - there are still a lot of these vehicles on the road
*Granny low and then 3-speeds
-3.73 gears
-40-gallons of fuel on board with dual tanks
-Dana 60 in the rear and a Dana 44 in the front
-Van on flat ground will cruise at 70-75mph

Mechanical work that’s been done:

There was an extensive amount of mechanical work that was done to this van to get it road-ready. Many preventative measures were taken to ensure that this van had everything replaced or fixed that could fail while out on the road.

All parts replaced with new-

Cooling System
-water pump
-every radiator and heater core hose
-radiator was cleaned, soldered, and pressure tested by a professional radiator shop out of Denver

Brake System
-rear drum shoes, rear brake wheel cylinders - drums were fine and were readjusted
-front brakes inspected and were fine
-full brake system flush
-master cylinder
*it’s important a vehicle this big can stop well

-spark plugs and wires
-new distributor
-new starting battery
-all 3 new belts
-installed new flex-fan compared to old fan
-valve cover gasket

-5 new matching wheels and tires
-265/75/16 Cooper Discoverer ATs
-4 new Monroe shocks
-Greased everything that would take grease
-U-joints were in good shape

Fluids: (changed every fluid in the van)
-front and rear differentials gear oil changed and new gaskets installed
-transfer case
-gear box
-engine has had two oil changes w/ filter

I’m sure there are things that are being forgotten. The van was restored to a level where you could point it in a direction and have full confidence you would make it there.

Now on to the camper build, itself:

-R13 batting in floor, walls, and ceiling
-reflectix window coverings with magnets for every window including the windshield

-ceiling and walls are refinished pine plank
-floor is 1/2 inch OSB that was painted before carpet was installed for weatherproofing

-2 deep cycle 122ah batteries - usable power of 122ah - plenty of power for the appliances in the van
-2x100 watt Renogy solar panels with 30a Renogy Adventurer charge controller
-140a battery isolator to charge the van house batteries while driving
-100a Blue Sea fuse block
-all appliances are wired and fused to this box
-16ga wire for lights and fan
-12v voltage step down for fan to keep the motherboard from frying from over voltage (common problem with maxxair fans)
-10ga wire for fridge, diesel heater, and water pump
-when wires were run they were run around all metal edges with wire loom and tape - no worry about wires breaking/shorting

-Iceco 45L chest fridge with adjustable thermostat and insulation cover
-minimal power consumption and has worked great - no loud compressor sounds

-Maxxair 5100 vent fan - can run it in the rain
-Van has rear and side windows that pop out at the bottom for max air flow
-Vevor 5kW diesel heater with 2.5 gallon auxiliary fuel tank
-this heater rips - has kept me warm in the van out camping at 9 degrees with no window coverings up
-this heater is altitude adjustable above 7500ft unlike all of the expensive Webasto and Eberspacher diesel heaters so you can use it when you’re skiing
-fuel tank has no smells or leaks - one way cap prevents this

-6-inch memory foam mattress from Amazon cut to fit - 73Lx46W right between a twin and full size
-firm, cool, and comfortable

Water System
-2 - 6 gallon reliance water containers fit under the sink for 12 gallons of water on board
-these containers are better than a water tank because you can take them in anywhere and fill them up without having to find a hose (grocery stores, kitchen sink, your friend’s kitchen sink)
-on-board water pump that operates on a switch
-sink drains to outside of the van so no stinky gray-water to deal with

This van was built with storage space maximization in mind. It was built to be lived out of for weeks, months, or even years.

-plenty of cabinet clothes storage for two people
-dirty clothes chute that can be accessed from the back of the van
-4 feet of closet hanging space
-garage storage with room for spare tire, jack, jack stands, outdoor gear, etc.
-under-bed storage for gear that’s accessible under the bed
-storage under the seat
-food storage with two shelves under the counter
-storage area under the fridge
-add’l storage in sink area for 2 - 1 gallon water containers
-Yakima Packasport roof box that can fit skis, snowboards or any other sort of outdoor gear you want to take with you on a trip

This is a good breakdown of what all has been done to this van in the 20 months I’ve owned it. It was a full body and mechanical restoration with a camper build. A lot of time, love, thought, consideration, and thought went into building this van from the ground up.

With that being said it is not a Sprinter, a Promaster, or a Transit so don’t expect one. It is an old Ford that runs down the road as a Ford did in 1981. It is safe but it’s an old van. It is a manual transmission so you’ll need to know how to drive one to drive this. I won’t teach you how. This is not a van for everyone and someone that knows what they’re looking for will appreciate this.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read through my post. If you’re interested in making this completed adventure rig yours, calls are preferred so that I know I’m talking to someone that’s real. Questions are welcomed. Please no email or texts.

Clean and clear Oklahoma title.

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