2003 Ford E350 4x4 Sportsmobile

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2003 Ford E350 4x4 Sportsmobile For Sale

4WD for Sale, 2003 Ford E350 4x4 Sportsmobile For Sale

Found this one offered for sale by the owner on Craigslist for $85,000 in Bozeman, Montana. As shown here is a cool 2003 Ford E350 4x4 van converted into a pop top camper by Sportsmobile, powered by a 7.3 liter 8-cylinders diesel engine mated with an automatic transmission that has been driven about 148,000 miles. Everything looks tough proven by photos, no words about mechanical issues, and all work well. Must see, if you want the actual condition.

This could be a nice size to consider for those who are seeking a reliable adventurer vehicle and a great option besides Overlander upon former military trucks.

Year of construction 2003
Brand Ford
Model E350
Type Van 4x4
Fuel Diesel
Color Grey
Miles 148165
License Yes
Price $85,000
Name Owner
Phone SOLD
City Bozeman, Montana

Owner says
7.3 liter diesel with 148,000 miles. This is the platform you want. If you don't already know, research this engine on line and you will see that they regularly go 300, 400, 500 thousand miles and there are some that have gone 1 million miles! Garaged and professionally serviced since we have owned it. Have records from the previous owner and you are welcome to talk to our current mechanic and review his records.

Cruises along comfortably at 65 and the engine is not laboring at all despite this being a 10,000 lb. vehicle. It will happily tow a small boat or trailer or go 75 mph as you wish and still not struggle. The Quigley 4WD works perfectly and you may be surprised at where it can get you!

Original Sportsmobile conversion for the most part. The previous owner maintained it rigorously for safe and sound mechanics but removed the hot water heater because he did not want it. He was a scuba diver who went to Baja for a month at a time so he added a rhino lined "trunk" with a drain in it for his wet suits (see photo). Also, he converted the fresh water system to include two 13 gallon tanks (isolatable) for his long desert trips. He installed a single burner RV stove in the drawer after lining it with metal. We have used it without issue but will disconnect prior to sale to ensure that you make a well considered decision before hooking it back up!

Rhino coated top and lower panels. New very beefy bumper with auxillary lights.

This rig is ready for your next road trip or for a full remodel and modernization if you are looking for a project. We have camped in it all around the west in both summer and winter and would not hesitate to go on a 5,000 mile road trip in it tomorrow.

We will still be using it for camping and mountain bike trips until it sells. Please note: the Lolo rack on the back is NOT INCLUDED and will be removed prior to sale.

Includes aforementioned water tanks and sink, grey water storage, propane heater, 3 phase refrigerator, original lights and two LED lights, screened windows above and below with both privacy and blackout shades, a blackout shade for the cockpit when camping, a "curtain" for the converted shelves and a seat cover for the back seat. All items function properly with the following caveat: the refrigerator works in all three modes but it is more of a cooler than a fridge that will get your beverages ice cold. It helps to have everything cold beforehand. I would recommend pulling it out and servicing it or replacing it with one of the many improved options that are now available.

Serious inquiries only please. Happy to answer any questions.

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