2012 Dodge Ram 5500 Alaskan Camper

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2012 Dodge Ram 5500 Alaskan Camper

4WD for Sale, 2012 Dodge Ram 5500 Alaskan Camper

What you're looking for in your adventurous desire to satisfy? It could be perfect and must be on your watchlist, a great and hard-to-find overland camper. 2012 Dodge RAM 5500 with Alaskan camper powered by a six cylinders diesel engine mated with an automatic transmission has been driven about 104000 miles and is still in excellent condition.

The Dodge appearance is well in the photos, the size is 29''/7''/8''. As the owner says, it has had a lot of trips from Europe to Africa during its ownership, runs and drives well, has no words about mechanical issues, and all amenities work perfectly. It could be perfect for the next adventurer's journey without any problem.

Year of construction 2012
Brand Dodge
Model Ram 5500
Type 4x4 Crew Cab Truck
Fuel Diesel
Color Green
Miles 104000
License Yes
Price $110,000
For Sale By Owner
Contact SOLD
City Austin, Texas

For sale- very unique 2102 dodge overland camper (Alaskan) with 10,4000 miles, great condition (see photos), comes with a ton of add-ons, too many to mention. For any questions, feel free to contact me, George 512 350-0531 This is an overland camper very unique, one of a kind. I shipped it to Belgium to drive to Vladivostok Russia, but they closed all borders, so I drove it from France to Africa(Senegal) then all over Europe. No a problems with the the camper whatsoever. I was in Narva, Estonia at the Border with Russia trying to cross, the Russian border turn me down, so I drove to Tallinn took a ferry to Helsinki, Finland. They have a long border with Russia. Same thing, the border was open but no visa to cross. Then I drove to Medyka, Poland to cross to Ukraine, but at the border did let me not go through. I drive with Texas license plate, so after I drove back to Antwerp, Belgium, I had no problem shipping the camper back to Houston ($5500) one way.

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