Two FJ55 Land Cruisers Offered As Pair Only $6,500

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Two FJ55 Land Cruisers Offered As Pair For Sale

4WD for Sale, Two FJ55 Land Cruisers Offered As Pair

Found these two FJ55 Land Cruisers offered for sale as one pack on Craigslist for only $6,500 for both, located in Amador County, California. You can't buy one, must both. As shown here is FJ55's, well-known as the IRON PIG, one desirable model of the classic Land Cruiser lineage, but hard to find today, sold as potential bones.

Almost every classic Land Cruiser generation has exploded in value, and to be fair, it’s two units of the FJ55 few vehicles that are wholly deserving of the prices it asks. Land Cruisers are a notoriously well-reputation for reliability and their off-road prowess. Finding an affordable one that isn’t a total heap is a tall task these days, so you may be better off buying a project with good bones if you want to get in cheap, like what we offered here. If you are interested, come closer inspection is recommended, and please read more below.

Year of construction 1969, 1973
Brand Toyota
Model FJ55
Type SUV 4x4
Color Custom
License Yes
Price $6,500
Name Owner
City Amador County, California

Detail by owner
Two FJ55 Land Cruisers. One is a 1969, the other is a 1973. True mileage unknown, odometer broken. See pictures for condition. The price is for both, not looking to separate. Contact for more info.

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