1973 Jeep J4700 Long Bed 4x4 Quadra Trac

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1973 Jeep J4700 Long Bed 4x4 Quadra Trac

4WD for Sale, The Classic Appeal of the 1973 Jeep J4700

The 1973 Jeep J4700 is a unique piece of automotive history, embodying the rugged spirit and durability of Jeep trucks. This particular model, available for $15,500 in San Diego, stands out not just for its age, but for its well-preserved condition and storied history. As a long bed 4x4 equipped with the Quadra-Trac system, it promises both functionality and classic appeal to enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Under the hood, the 1973 Jeep J4700 houses a robust 360 cubic inch V8 engine with a 4-barrel carburetor, providing ample power and performance. The seller highlights the vehicle's automatic Turbo 400 transmission, which is noted for its reliability and smooth operation. With only 136,900 actual miles logged, this Jeep has been sparingly driven and meticulously maintained. The clean title and accident-free history further enhance its desirability.

Year of construction 1973
Brand Jeep
Model Gladiator J4700
Type 4x4 Pickup Truck
Fuel Gas
Color Custom
Miles 136900
License Yes
Price $15,500
For Sale By Owner
Contact HERE
City San Diego, California

robust 360 cubic inch V8 engine

One of the standout features of this 1973 Jeep J4700 is its condition. The seller mentions that it has always been part of the family, suggesting a history of careful ownership. The vehicle shows no rust, a common issue in older models, and has been repainted several years ago to maintain its aesthetic appeal. Although there are minor parts missing, the overall body and interior are in good condition, making it a collectible item with minimal need for immediate repairs.


Service logs dating back to its initial purchase provide a comprehensive history of its maintenance, ensuring transparency and confidence for potential buyers. This Jeep J4700 spent two decades on a farm in Idaho before being stored away, preserving its structural integrity and mechanical soundness.


For those in the market for a classic truck with a strong legacy, the 1973 Jeep J4700 is a compelling option. Its blend of historical value, mechanical reliability, and classic Jeep ruggedness makes it a worthy addition to any collection. With a price tag of $15,500, it offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of automotive history that runs great and requires minimal immediate investment.

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