New SUV from Lamborghini

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Lamborghini SUV

This New Generation Lamborghini LM002

Yes, do you remember about Lamborghini LM002...?
Let us recall between 1986 and to1993, Lamborghini made the multipurpose vehicle for the military, for more detail please read this.

So this second time that Lamborghini made a utility vehicle, but this is purely for the commercial/civilian market.

We know Lamborghini is identical with extreme performance, and this combination idea is multipurpose, speed and still get the style of Lambo then he born The Urus LM002 Sport Utility Vehicle, this second generation SUV for Lamborghini.
But this is just a concept vehicle, but it’s clear that Lamborghini fully intends to produce this vehicle or something very much like it. The Urus LM002 SUV, unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show 2012, AWD (all-wheel-drive) with a focus on on-road performance, a 600 horsepower engine “crossover” with huge 24-inch wheels.

Nearly 1 year passed. So we'll see... it's just a rumor or realized...? be patient...

New Generation SUV from Lamborghini
Rear View

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