1991 Lamborghini LM002 for Sale

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4WD for Sale, 1991, Lamborghini LM002

Used 1991 Lamborghini LM002 for sale in Dubai UAE, Body-color Black, this very rare vehicle The total production was estimated at 301 units on the world. Cylinders 12, Transmission Manual, Maximum Power 450 bhp, Accelerations 0-100 km/h 7.8 sec, 4 Seats, Interior Color Red, Specifications for US, LHD, Leather interior, Wood Trim, Alloy wheels, Fog lamps, MP3 Audio.

Year of construction 1991
Brand Lamborghini
Model LM002 4WD
Type Double Cab
Fuel Petrol
Color Black
Miles 6,150 KMS
License Yes
Price AED 595,000
City Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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