Donate your car for Charity

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donate your car
Donate Your Car

Donate your car for charity, It sounds so simple and do it good things.
Not necessarily. consider some of these tips before you regret later.

  1. Avoid middlemen or broker. Many organizations for profit oriented under the guise of charity, their offering to help you donate your car for charity. their so aggressively advertise on TV and billboards or elsewhere.
  2. Make sure check directly with charities you admire and find out whether they accept car donations. Normally the charities support aren’t support to accept such car donations.
  3. If you already find a worthy charity. You can research charities’ track records this charities.
  4. You must transfer the car with care. Eliminate all risk of running up parking tickets and other violations after you’ve said goodbye to your donated vehicle? Then formally re-title the vehicle to the charity, and report the transfer to your state’s department of motor vehicles or licensing.
  5. Never agree to leave the ownership space on the charity donation papers blank.
  6. Keep paper documentations and proof of the donation, such as a receipt from the charity and a copy of the title change.

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