Boeing Create a Tactical Vehicle

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Humvee was over. But that does not mean the U.S. military already does not require all-terrain vehicles such as the Humvee.

Boeing's draft war car named Phantom Badger was shown in the middle of the month Special Operations International Conference in Tampa, Florida. This is a car that can wrestle war on all fronts but does not have the body of a Hummer.

The reason Boeing designed their car for this war is due to freighter aircraft V-22 is not capable of transporting a Humvee. For that, we need a more compact car war to be accommodated in the V-22 hull. There, Phantom Badger was born.

Although compact stature, the ability to drive a car with all-wheel drive is also fairly nimble. This car can climb even has a slope of 60 degrees.

In addition, rivers or floods as high as two feet could still be passed with ease. And to add to the comfort of the soldiers, the car is also equipped with a hydraulic suspension to reduce the shocks that make passenger fatigue.

Boeing is now known to continue to develop and test the Phantom Badger on Nevada Automotive Test Center to anticipate in the case in the future they get contracts from the military.

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