2002 Subaru WRX for Sale

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4WD for Sale, 2002 Subaru WRX

Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan for sale in Knox, Indiana, All in all this would make a great DD or great Project with a little love. The cash price is negotiable, but keep the ridiculous offers to yourself. Look at what other WRX's are going for before you offer me something stupid.

Year of construction 2002
Brand Subaru
Model Impreza WRX
Type AWD Sedan
Fuel Gas
Color Silver
Miles 166160
License Yes
Price $ 6600
For Sale By Owner
Contact CLOSED
City Knox, Indiana

Modifications: 3" DP to a 3" pipe all the way back sounds good. Aftermarket header, unsure of brand. There's a gauge pod in place of the factory clock. Boost, voltage, and temperature. However only the boost gauge is hooked up. Aftermarket chrome rims. I'm not a big fan of chrome so they'll probably be getting plasti-dipped black whenever I find some time. Clutch is newish. Shudders a bit, so I'm fairly sure it's an unsprung clutch. Takes a little getting used to. Interior is in great shape except for the cupholder and the radio being gone. The car will come with some lowering springs, and adjustable camber bars for all four corners of the car. This is something I'll be installing if I find time. Transmission shifts beautifully throughout all of the gears. Has a Cold Air Intake HID Low beams New 20G TD06 Turbo Suspension is tight. No odd noises other than the wheel bearings.

Cons: Rear view mirror is gone. No radio One or both of the rear wheel bearings are bad, I have new ones to go with the car. Again something that I'll do if I have time and it warms up. Both valve covers are currently leaking oil. The car was doing this when I got it. The oil is dripping onto the header on the passenger side, so while its running and the header is hot the oil is burning. So there is some smoke that comes from the hood when you're stopped. Again, I drove the car three hours home from Indy periodically checking it and it never even got low. The car is also sporadically throwing a CEL due to a misfire. Only seems to happen at an idle. Fairly sure it's the spark plugs. Another thing I'll get around to fixing whenever I have time.

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