1969 Nissan Patrol for Sale

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4WD for Sale, 1969 Nissan Patrol

This is a remarkably worthy example of a 1969 Nissan Patrol. It was purchased new in California and has lived here its entire life. I acquired this Patrol from the 'Gold Country' area of California; Nevada City. There is existing documentation showing that it spent its early years in the nearby Grass Valley area of California.

Year of construction 1969
Model Patrol 4x4
Type SUV
Fuel ASK
Color Gray
Miles N/A
License Yes
Price $ 9000
Name Owner
Phone SOLD
City Devore Heights

There were just over 2600 Patrols imported to he USA between 1961 and 1969, and only 1641 were hard tops. The 60 series Patrol was produced from 1960 through 1980, and a G61 model with the same body style in a soft top model only was produced from 1980 to 1982. The Patrol has been very popular in many countries around the world including Australia, Colombia and Saudi Arabia. There was a military version called Jonga independently produced in India for the Indian army. The Patrol was Datsun/Nissan's competition to the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, the Land Rover, Jeep and early Broncos.

As hard as this is to do, I find it necessary to let go of one of my prize possessions. Patrols have been my passion and hobby for many years. In the online community I am known as RiverPatrol; in the SoCal Datsun and classic car community I am the Patrol Lady. I have exchanged many gigs worth of information with other Patrol owners, helping others bring their Patrols back to life. I have had Patrols in museums and magazines. I administer the most comprehensive forum for the vintage Patrols on the Internet: www.60Patrol.com.

This Patrol runs and drives great, it is totally turnkey. Everything works on it, all of the lights, all of the original gauges, turn signals, brakes, hand brake - everything. The engine was freshly rebuilt right before I got it, and it runs strong. I have done tons of work to it to make it a highly reliable vintage off-road vehicle. I can't even remember everything I've done, but here are some things that I can remember:

Rodded out the radiator
Flushed cooling system
replaced all the hoses
replaced all fluids and oils
replaced all wheel cylinders
replaced brake shoes
rebuilt brake master cylinder
adjusted all brakes, including hand brake
rebuilt clutch master
replaced clutch slave
replaced clutch hose
refurbished gas tank
repaired all electrical
installed new winch cable
complete tune up with points, condenser, plugs, wires
rebuilt carb
replaced heater core
etc, etc, etc

The Patrol has the standard drivetrain, with a straight 6 cylinder 4 liter engine. It has 145 HP and an incredible 235 ft lbs of torque. It is the same engine used in forklifts, so engine parts are readily available. The transmission is a 3 speed manual with a twin stick transfer. The ratio of the front and rear diffs is 4:10.

The Patrol is very original, with a few exceptions. I had the seats reupholstered to match the authentic deluxe pattern, but used colors to better match the vehicle. It has the original cloth defroster hoses which are hardly ever seen on a vintage Patrol. The front bumper is original, front parking lights, brake lights, rear reflectors, license light, dash map light, etc, etc - all very hard to find items. The outside mirrors are easily replaceable FJ40 hinge mount mirrors from Specter Off-Road.

This Patrol has the original dealer installed factory PTO and winch, which is extremely rare as Patrols go. Very few had the winches, and most of those have been removed. The winch works great, I used it to spool the brand new cable on the drum. I anchored to another Patrol and pulled this one in.

The body is straight with no major dents or prior bodywork. Being a California vehicle all it's life it has almost no rust, other than surface rust. There is a small spot on the right rear near the tail light but it can easily be repaired. The other typical areas that rust out on these trucks are fine. There are lots of scratches from being used as it was intended, you can just imagine the things this truck has done in it's past. The paint is the original paint inside and out. It's worn thin in places but it still takes a shine.

The Patrol is sitting on a new set of Pro Comp Rock Crawlers and a barely used set of Wrangler MT/Rs.

It had a dealer installed air conditioner in it. It didn't work so I removed it. They cut the grill out to install the condenser. There was chicken wire there when I got it, so I made a grill for it. I have a complete front grill assembly that will go with the vehicle. I left the York compressor on the engine. I had plans to set it up for onboard air for airing up tires after 4 wheeling and running air tools.

It had a dealer installed roof rack that I removed. It was bolted through the existing original headliner and the bolts were rusting and leaking.

It looks like the oil pan gasket is leaking. I'm not able to do that job so I'm including a new pan gasket and an oil filter.

The heater core leaked when I got it, and it had already caused the passenger floor to rust. The passenger floor is rusted thin, and has a few pinholes through it. A complete front floor assembly will be included with the truck. It would be easy to just patch in the bad area of the floor.

Also included are original documentation, including the winch documentation, original service manuals, an original dealer parts manual, the original driver's side mirror and an original sales brochure with Roy Rogers promoting the Patrol.

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