1946 Willys CJ2A For Sale

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1946 Willys CJ-2A For Sale

4WD for Sale, 1946 Willys CJ2A For Sale

This awesome civilian version of the military all terrain vehicle in WWII was offered by Willys Jeep, built in 1946, known as the CJ2A model. It's a first generation of the civilian model powered by 4 cylinders gas-engine mated with manual transmission ready to go. It could be nice collection and quite rare also, hard to find today as its condition.

Year of construction 1946 
Brand Willys Jeep
Model CJ2A 
Type 4x4 Utility Vehicle
Fuel Gas
Color Beige
License Yes
Price $8000
For Sale By Owner
Phone SOLD
City Seattle

Detail by owner
1946 Willys CJ-2a, 4x4 Jeep.
69 year old vintage, classic, early made CJ of the first civilian jeeps off the production line. Serial No., VIN: CJ2A20047

This is the first (civilian) model CJ-2a that was manufactured after the war with overlap from military to civilian specs like leftover shovel and axe indents on the body. Early models that are stock are rare, and difficult to find.

• 4 cylinder engine.
• 3 speed, plus 2 (for 4x4) manual transmission.
• Straight body.
• Converted to 12 volt.
• Rear seat (detachable).
• Storage box in front bumper.
• Color: Harvest Tan.
• Added second gas tank, under the passenger seat for longer range.

There are some spots with light scratches, paint chips and surface rust. Engine needs detailing.

Ready for collectors and enthusiast to take it to show/museum 100 point quality.

Located: Washington state, Puget Sound suburb of 98022.

$8,000. or highest and best offer.

*Real Buyers with Offers Only, please withhold opinions & criticism.

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