1986 Mitsubishi J53 Jeep

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1986 Mitsubishi J53 Jeep

4WD for Sale, 1986 Mitsubishi J53 Jeep

This a Mitsubishi Jeep J-series for sale in Vancouver. The Jeep was introduced to the Japanese market as the Mitsubishi Jeep J3 is a light utility 4x4 vehicle built in 1986 still in excellent condition powered by 4 cylinders diesel engine with manual transmission has 95000 miles on it. It could be unique offroad vehicle today.

Year of construction 1986
Brand Mitsubishi Jeep
Model J53
Type 4x4 Utility Vehicle
Fuel Diesel
Color Grey
Miles 95K
License Yes
Price $9800 
For Sale By Owner
Phone SOLD
City Vancover

Detail by owner
1986 Mitsubishi Willys style Jeep 2650 CC 4DR6 Direct Injection Turbo Diesel with lots of power and great on fuel. This is a military style jeep with a solid axel front end and a fold down front wind shield. It has a very low 4 Low and will take you to places no others can. The under body is clean and rust free the rest of the body has minor blemishes. Sitting on four new 31" tires with nice aluminium mag wheels. It runs and drives like new Located in Vancouver BC Just over the border

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