1971 M35A2 6x6 Truck

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1971 M35A2 6x6 Truck

4WD for Sale, 1971 M35A2 6x6 Truck

Here the military 6x6 truck made by AM General for U.S Army ready for sale, location in Seaside, Oregon. It's a M35A2 Deuce and a half flatbed truck built in 1971 good condition looking for new home. It would be a reliable toy to rude terrain with extremely off road capability level. If you interested please read more details below.

Year of construction 1971
Brand AM General
Model M35A2
Type 6x6 Utility Truck 6 Wheels
Fuel Diesel
Color Military Green
Price $12000
Name Owner
Contact SOLD
City Seaside, Oregon

Details by owner
I'm selling the Deuce!

I've had this truck since 2010; I have driven it about 3000 miles every year since, but it just seems like I can't find the time to enjoy it like I used to. Rather than see it sit in my yard, I'd like to find a new owner who can put it to work and enjoy it like I have.

The truck runs and drives perfect; no problems. It is ready to go right now. BUT...don't mistake this machine for some comfortable daily driver. It is noisy, either too hot or too cold, uncomfortable, and rough riding. But, I always get waves, salutes, and thumbs up from other people on the road. Except for Prius drivers. They don't seem to think too much of the truck.

Body is in good shape; a few dings and scrapes here and there. Could use some touch ups and elbow grease. But, it is solid and still looks good.

I have it licensed and insured in Oregon; title is free and clear and in my name.

This isn't a stock machine; I have a lot of aftermarket parts and accessories installed. This truck is a step beyond most M35's you'll find out there. Here are some of the specifics:

-1971 M35A2 2-1/2 ton "Deuce and a half"
-Custom flatbed with built-in ramps for loading vehicles onto the bed
-Front mount Garwood PTO winch with 2 speed PTO gearbox
-Rear mount Warn 18 series 24V winch (this is a $4000 industrial duty winch)
-Yukon differential locks in the front axle and front tandem
-Milemarker manual locking hubs
-PSC full hydraulic steering system
-Snow performance water/methanol injection system with 5 gallon reservoir
-MRAP 3 piece wheels (just in case you need to drive over any land mines)
-Goodyear MVT 395 tires (Measure at about 47" tall)
-Hubs flipped on the rockwell axles so that track width is equal
-Fullsize spare tire/wheel (wheel is stock deuce)
-12v and 24v electrical systems
-All LED lighting (including truck-lite LED headlights, with spares)
-Underbody LED ground lighting for night off-road driving
-Stock speedometer recalibrated for tire size
-Air shift transfer case
-Bucket seats on sliding seat rails
-4 point harnesses
-White Engines LDT multifuel engine with "whistler" turbo (it is a diesel engine, but runs on Gasoline, diesel, waste motor oil, vegetable oil, etc.)
-New brake shoes on front axle, spare shoes and linings for other axles (haven't replaced them because they are in good shape)
-spin-on oil filter conversion (better filters with anti-drainback valves to prevent dry starts)
-onboard air system with air manifold for airing up multiple tires at the same time (not CTIS)
-Optima yellow top batteries

video clip from Sweet Home a few years ago:

The deuce was in a Warn commercial several years ago:

A day out on Sand Lake:

Link to my build thread on Steel Soldiers; basically documents my ownership of this truck from day 1:

This is located a few miles inland from Seaside, OR.

Price is $12,000 cash only. I might be willing to do part trade for an engine driven portable welder; lincoln ranger, miller bobcat or trailblazer, or something similar. Must be in less than 10 years old and in good-excellent condition. No other trades though.

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