Perfect Bone, 2004 Military 6x6 Truck

2004 Military 6x6 Truck

6x6 for Sale, 2004 Military 6x6 Truck

Former military 6x6 truck being offered for sale in Las Vegas Nevada, this 2004 Stewart & Stevenson 5 ton 6x6 truck powered by 7.2 CAT diesel turbo engine come with 7 speed automatic trans, seems to be perfect bone to be a sand off-road earthroamer or expedition camper conversion.

1975 Ford F-700 Crew Cab 6x6 Truck

1975 Ford F-700 Crew Cab 6x6 Truck

6x6 for Sale, 1975 Ford F-700 Crew Cab 6x6 Truck

This vintage 6x6 truck for Sale in Suncrest, Washington. As the picture is a Ford F-700 crew cab truck 1975 model year still in excellent condition powered by 6 cylinders diesel turbo engine mated with manual transmission only 12K original miles on it, ready to go for $38500. This could be a seriously and perfect as the off-road toy or put the camper cab more better.

1971 M35A2 6x6 Truck

1971 M35A2 6x6 Truck

4WD for Sale, 1971 M35A2 6x6 Truck

Here the military 6x6 truck made by AM General for U.S Army ready for sale, location in Seaside, Oregon. It's a M35A2 Deuce and a half flatbed truck built in 1971 good condition looking for new home. It would be a reliable toy to rude terrain with extremely off road capability level. If you interested please read more details below.

1970 Kaiser M35A2 6X6 2.5 Ton Military Truck

4WD for Sale, 1970 Kaiser M35A2 6X6 2.5 Ton Military Truck

The truck has spent most of its life in Georgia, therefore there is no rot. There are a few dents in the body, which is to be expected on an ex-military vehicle. I've had the truck over scales before and it weighs 14,000 pounds and does not require a CDL license to drive.

This truck is VERY dependable, and I drive it almost every day. I've put many new parts into it and new tires (Goodyear G28611R20). The canvas cab cover is practically new, it's 2 years old and is not the original cover. The original was ripped so that had to be replaced. It has about 52k miles on it. It has a 5-speed spicer transmission and a Hi-Lo transfer case, an LDT-465 White 6-cylinder turbo-charged multi-fuel diesel engine with the C-turbo (whistler turbo).

1973 AM General M35 for Sale

4WD for Sale, 1973 AM General M35 for Sale

M35 for sale in Southern California.
M-35 1973 AM General. Originally a tractor-trailer rig, the glide plate was removed and replaced with a shortened troop transport bed. Cummins 250 NHC motor and its 10-wheel drive all the time with a high/low range selector. Still has all the glad-hands air hookups. The vehicle is stored in Southern California and the price includes the cost of shipping it to you. If you want to cover shipping yourself, the price drops to 6,000 OBO