1951 Jeep Willys Overland for Sale

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Jeep Willys Overland for Sale

4WD for Sale, 1951 Jeep Willys Overland

This a first generation of the light military 4x4 vehicle made by Jeep Willys was released in 1951 commonly known as the Jeep Willys Overland good condition, that original runs and drives vintage Military Jeep looking for new home.

Year of construction 1951
Brand Jeep Willys
Model Overland
Type 4x4 Utility Vehicle
Fuel GAS
Color Green
License Yes
Price $8000
For Sale By Owner
Phone SOLD
City Forest Grove

Detail by owner
We are selling our original 1951 Willy's Army Jeep. This jeep has the original Overland Jeep Arctic Top and Doors and gas heater. It is in the same condition as when I bought it 6 years ago. All I have done is replace spark plugs, submergable wires and batteries. I have enjoyed this jeep, have only driven it in a few parades. You can view the jeep on youtube to see it run. I welcome any and all questions, so please ask. I am not a jeep mechanic, and I do not know alot about them. I am just a military enthusiast. Nor have I read all the books. I know enough to enjoy the jeep. So please ask questions.

Some info about the jeep:
This jeep has a gas heater, but it is not hooked up to the fuel line, I believe it was at one time. I believe it still functions and works if hooked up, but i have no idea as i have never tried. The headlights have been converted to 12 volt, and the electric fuel pump has been converted to 12, but everything is still 24 volt as it should be. The windshield wipers work, but have a short in the wiring somewhere. The jeep horn works, but needs to be rewired, as it will not work by pushing the button. All the guages work, although I have never trusted the fuel guage. The flashing red light works, the siren works, no problems. Someone added an Ooga horn was added by a former owner and I have never removed it. But all of the gears function, low, high, etc. The front wheel hubs have been changed out from the originals, I have never messed with them, but have no reason to believe that they wont change out with out problem. All the glass is good, I don't know if its all original, but its good. I have extra parts that came with it as seen in the picture in an military footlocker. The extra 24 volt generator seen in the picture turns freely. There is a brand new set of original plugs in the box, There is what I believe may be the original 24 volt headlights, but I am not sure. The is brand new set of hood latches. I also think the original fuel pump is there, but am not sure it that is what it is. And whatever else you see as I dont know what all of it is. When driven, the front end shakes at 40+ miles per hours. The gas cap has never been drilled. It must be driven with the gas cap half on as it was originally done in the military. I was told by the last owner that he thought it was vaporlocking, but it was actually the lack of air in the tank when the cap is tight and that is why the electric fuel pump was put on.

The jeep runs great. Again I am not a jeep mechanic, and may not know all the answers to questions, so please be very specific in your questions. I am not trying to hide anything so please ask any and all questions. I may not include stuff in the description, because i dont know. Also, if there are any more pictures you would like to see, please ask.

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