1951 BTR-40 Military Vehicle

1951 BTR-40 Military Vehicle for Sale

4WD for Sale, 1951 BTR-40 Military Vehicle

Found this unique Military Vehicle made by Soviet Union manufacturer GAZ being offered for sale by the owner on craigslist located in Issaquah, Washington. As shown here 1951 BTR-40 "Sorokovka" military command vehicle, could be a great collectible item for military vehicle enthusiasts, which runs and drives very well. Interested please read more details below.

Barn Find 1951 Willys 4x4 Station Wagon

Barn Find 1951 Willys 4x4 Station Wagon

4WD for Sale, 1962 Jeep Willys Overland 4x4

Found this one rare 4x4 Station Wagon were made by Willys in 1951 for civilian user, this is an real steel vehicle were designed as to be reliable for all-terrain purpose, that was same as its military version but with more passenger comfortability, well-known as the Overland model. As shown here is very potential project, complete example with a lot important parts still there, could be perfect to restored. I thinks the Overland is the real pioneer of the all modern SUVs today. The car was posted in Craigslist about 26 days ago and still online today, offered for $8563 located in Denver.

Totally Restored, 1951 Willys M38 For Sale

1951 Willys M38 For Sale

4WD for Sale, 1951 Willys M38

This classic American Military Jeep being offered for sale in Craigslist asking $22000 located in San Diego, CA. 1951 Willys M38 VIN: 23945 has been totally restored from a good base and still retaining the original form with fairly cool snorkel gear, and have a trailer if you like.

1951 Jeep Willys Overland for Sale

Jeep Willys Overland for Sale

4WD for Sale, 1951 Jeep Willys Overland

This a first generation of the light military 4x4 vehicle made by Jeep Willys was released in 1951 commonly known as the Jeep Willys Overland good condition, that original runs and drives vintage Military Jeep looking for new home.

For Sale Jeep Willys 1951

4WD for Sale, Jeep Willys 1951

The American Military Jeep for sale. It a Jeep Willys M-38 model built in 1951 has been original restoration like a new condition looking for new owner.

1951 Willys Jeep Military

4WD for Sale, 1951 Willy's Jeep Military

1951 Willy's needs work has Dana 44 in the rear with an air locker in has a spring over and relocated shocks I have a rebuilt l head motor to go in it has the original trans and case in it dana 30 front axle body is fair on it cab mount is solid and more sale or trade $1500. Crawler buggy sand rail jeep trades guns trailers atv utv Willys.