1991 4WD Chinook Campervan

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1991 4WD Chinook Campervan

4WD for Sale, 1991 4WD Chinook Campervan

Here's a unique 4x4 campervan were built by Chinook based on 1991 Ford Aerostar XL Wagon is said good project condition powered by 6 cylinders gas-engine mated with automatic transmission has been driven about 175000 miles. Unfortunately no interior and engine photos provided by seller, need engine rebuilt and few mechanical works. Interested please read more details below.

Year of construction 1991
Brand Ford
Model Aerostar XL
Type 4WD Chinook Campervan
Fuel Gas
Color White
Miles 175000
License Yes
Price $400
For Sale By Owner
Contact SOLD
City Rancho San Diego

Detail by owner
1991 4WD Aerostar XL with rare OEM Chinook Pop-up camper top. (Engine is out, for sale separately, or as a package.)

I'm selling my min-van RV project, which could be comparable to a Westfalia Synchro, when restored, and outfitted. This Aerostar XL van has a hard to get E4WD drive train, with a vary rare OEM Chinook pop-up camper top, as pictured.

The original interior camp bed/cooler has been removed. Interior is clear, clean, except for front seats, curtains, carpet and OEM interior soundprooof panelling. Body and top in good shape, no rust. 170K on chassis and 4 spd auto transmission.

It's an eyecatching vintage min-RV, and was running good (19mpg hwy) until radiator failure took out the engine last year. I have engine out and cylinder head parts ready for rebuild. The buildable engine is not included for the price listed above, although I'd sell the project with all original and new overhaul parts, for under $1,000.

This is a project for someone with tools, good mech. abilities, time and space to work on it.

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