Off-road Toy, 1987 Suzuki Samurai Soft-top

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1987 Suzuki Samurai Soft-top

4WD for Sale, 1987 Suzuki Samurai Soft-top

Found this one in Craigslist for $3300 located in Santa Clarita, Ca. As shown here is a nice classic Suzuki 4x4 vehicle was named the Samurai fairly cool Soft-top, seems is an unmolested example and the owner said it never touched by modifications, the rims, paint also the canvas looks still remains with its factory trims. The engine has been driven about 170155 miles and recently receive serviced and has few new parts for its steady performance. This one perfect candidate as your off-road toy, is small all-terrain vehicle, it will not take up much space of your garage, is fuel friendly and simple to maintenance, it will not rape of your pocket and time.

Year of construction 1987
Brand Suzuki
Model Samurai
Type 4x4 SUV
Fuel Gas
Color White
Miles 170155
License Yes
Price $ 3300
For Sale By
Contact SOLD
City Santa Clarita, Ca

Detail by owner
This is a great car, fun to drive and good on gas. It's a 5 speed, 4 wheel drive. Passes smog year after year. Original owner. I have replaced the following parts and have receipts:
Radiator @ 154,223mi; Alternator @ 159,705mi; Master Cylinder @ 165,599mi; Clutch fan, radiator cap, gasket, Thermostat @166,012mi.; Water pump, Timing Belt, Front Brake pads @167,171mi.; Clutch Cable, 2 heater hoses @ 167,254mi. It has no radio, lighter, or air conditioning. It does have a heater. It is stock with no modifications. I also have an extra computer for it as well.

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