Early Production, WC3 Military 4x4 Truck

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Early Production, WC3 Military 4x4 Truck

4WD for Sale, Early Production, WC3 Military 4x4 Truck

This American old military truck that was built by Dodge is WC3 Military 4x4 Truck released in 1941 and has been fully restored with the original engine and is said still be in good condition VIN: 8645871. The truck was offered on Craigslist about 7 days ago when we writing here, asking $12500 located in Santa Paula. Despite it looking nice and in good shape, you should come for a closer inspection if seriously want to keep it.

Year of construction 1941
Brand Dodge
Model WC3
Type 4x4 Military Truck
Fuel Gas
Color Green
License Yes
Price $12500
For Sale By Owner
Contact SOLD
City Santa Paula, California

Owner said
I inherited this WWII veteran military truck from my father in 2009. This probable Perl Harbor veteran truck manufactured in December of 1940 served in Hawaii for the 25TH Infantry Division 35TH Regiment Able Company. Included in one of the pix is the condition of the truck when I first obtained it. I was able to drive the truck onto the trailer when I hauled it from its 7225' elevation home in Kennedy Meadows California where it lived 37 years of the third life of its existence. My father bought the truck from a WWII veteran whos' widow said that he knew the truck when he worked the motor pool in Hawaii. He bought the truck surplus in the early 1960's and the truck served as a "desert rat" vehicle in the Mojave Desert until his widow sold the truck to my dad.

I am a professional mechanic on Mercedes Benz and Volvo vehicles here in Camarillo. The repairs that I did to the vehicle were to make the truck reliable and functional. I removed and scrubbed the interior of the fuel tank, reset the float and pickup sender together with servicing the fuel system to the carburetor. Rebuilt the brake system, removed the cylinder head, reseated the valves, rebuilt the radiator, ignition system and charging system. The truck has the original 6 volt system generator and regulator. When the truck still belonged to the military the 218 CUIN engine was replaced with the longer more powerful 230 CUIN engine. The canvas cover and bows were of my own design for camping but still retains the military look. I used the truck for communications vehicle and would load up the vertical whip antennas for my ham radio operations while camping. The floor and bed frame have been replaced or altered. The bed walls were cut and moved outwards to make for a wider bed. I have replaced several seals but there are still some minor oil leaks but I have not noticed any coolant leaks. The truck runs and starts well. I currently have it on a nonoperation but it can be driven on my property in Santa Paula where I keep it stored in my barn. I start and run the truck every few weeks and have not experienced any problems. There are a few changes to the vehicle that the purist would want to put back to original if he so chooses. There is a pallet of spares and replacement parts that goes with the deal.
I will not sell to someone that does not personally come out and inspect the vehicle.

Any cash sale will be final and an inspection of the vehicle is encouraged prior to sale. All shipping arrangements will be made by the buyer upon the sale of the vehicle it will be immediately removed from my property as I do not live where I keep it. I will be making specific dates when and where the truck can be seen it takes me an hour to get there from where I live and work.
Asking price $12,500

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